I’m not one to replay games, but there’s something about Lies of P that has me hooked. As a self-professed lover of FromSoftware’s masterpieces such as Armored Core 6 and Elden Ring, I can confidently say that Lies of P is the best Soulslike game ever created. It not only embraces the iconic style of action RPGs established by FromSoftware but also surpasses its predecessors in various aspects. Lies of P has become the pinnacle of this sub-genre, and undoubtedly one of the standout games of 2023. Surprisingly, it’s not the only exceptional Soulslike experience we’ve had the pleasure of playing this year.

When attempting to define Soulslikes, game developers often refer to elements such as unforgiving action, immersive exploration, the freedom to make mistakes, a sense of loneliness, precise combat mechanics, and constant risk. Lies of P incorporates all of these features flawlessly, but it also possesses something intangible that sets it apart. It’s a vibe, an unexplainable feeling that washes over you as you control your character, wielding a weapon while facing ominous enemies. It’s the integration of your character’s position within the game world, both physically and narratively, as well as the intriguing ways you engage with the environment. It’s this indescribable quality that makes Lies of P truly exceptional and reminiscent of FromSoftware’s beloved Bloodborne. The game pays homage to its predecessor while infusing it with new ideas and captivating twists.

Lies of P may not be perfect, as Jasmine points out in our review, but it comes close thanks to the incredible post-launch updates it has received. FromSoftware has tirelessly worked to enhance the game, solidifying its position at the top of the Soulslike genre. These updates have undoubtedly contributed to the game’s success and the positive reception it has garnered within the gaming community.

While Lies of P reigns supreme in the Soulslike genre, this year has witnessed a fascinating range of games that have captivated players. One notable title is Lords of the Fallen, a game that deserves acknowledgment for its unique blend of greatness and flaws. Despite its shortcomings, Lords of the Fallen possesses a captivating Gothic aesthetic infused with religious undertones, reminiscent of Dark Souls 2. It oozes coolness and manages to maintain interest despite its inconsistencies. Another standout Soulslike is Remnant 2, which astoundingly surpasses its predecessor in every conceivable way. With its seamless co-op experience and ingenious procedural level generation, Remnant 2 has earned its place as one of the best RPGs of the year.

As a fan of the genre, I’m excited for the future of Soulslikes. The upcoming Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty and Star Wars Jedi: Survivor have piqued my interest. Though more conventional in terms of action RPGs, the Jedi games seem promising, and Wo Long promises to be an intriguing blend of Sekiro and Nioh. Furthermore, the anticipated DLC for Elden Ring, Remnant 2, and Lies of P are sure to deliver thrilling new experiences. Additionally, games such as Black Myth: Wukong, Kristala, Enotria: The Last Song, and Deathbound have immense potential to further expand the Soulslike genre. It’s safe to say that Soulslikes have become my go-to comfort games, and the future looks incredibly promising.

A Genre That Continues to Evolve

The Soulslike genre has evolved significantly over the years, captivating players with its unique blend of challenging gameplay, immersive worlds, and memorable experiences. FromSoftware’s dominance in the genre cannot be denied, but developers have risen to the challenge, delivering exceptional games that pay homage to the Souls series while adding their own distinct flavors. Lies of P stands as a testament to this evolution, pushing the boundaries of what a Soulslike game can achieve. As we look ahead, the future of the genre seems brighter than ever, promising even more innovative and captivating experiences for fans of challenging action RPGs.


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