Twitch, the popular streaming platform, has recently made changes to the way it responds to sexual content. These adjustments come as the company faces ongoing criticism for its inconsistent handling of such material. In an effort to address this issue, Twitch will now allow certain previously prohibited content, as long as it is accompanied by a warning label.

Over the years, Twitch has grappled with effectively moderating sexual material on its platform. The company’s decisions regarding what constitutes acceptable content have often been met with backlash. For instance, while Twitch banned Indiefoxx for a wardrobe malfunction, it chose to issue a warning to top streamer Pokimane when she accidentally displayed a Pornhub page. Another controversial incident involved the ban of a female creator who appeared to be streaming topless. These incidents have raised questions about Twitch’s consistency and fairness in enforcing its guidelines.

As part of the recent update, Twitch introduced Content Classification Labels (CCL) in June. These labels allow creators to warn viewers about streams that may contain sexual themes, gambling, vulgarity, or other mature content. The platform now permits streams that deliberately highlight certain body parts, such as breasts, buttocks, or the pelvic region, as long as they are accompanied by a CCL. This policy also extends to fully exposed female-presenting breasts and/or genitals or buttocks, as well as body writing on such areas. Additionally, streams featuring erotic dances like strip teases are no longer required to have a label, while twerking, grinding, and pole dancing no longer require a warning.

Twitch’s decision to update its policies came in response to feedback from streamers who found the previous guidelines confusing. Many streamers expressed frustration about the inconsistency in how their content was interpreted and moderated. By merging the rules for sexually suggestive content and sexually explicit content, Twitch aims to create a more streamlined approach. Angela Hession, Twitch’s chief customer trust officer, acknowledged that the previous policy unfairly penalized female-presenting streamers and emphasized the need to align with industry standards.

Despite relaxing some restrictions on sexual content, Twitch maintains a firm stance on certain types of material. Sex games, sexual violence, and pornography are still entirely prohibited on the platform. Additionally, mature streams will not be featured on the homepage, preventing them from reaching a wider audience. Streams labeled with drugs, intoxication, excessive tobacco use, violent and graphic depictions, gambling, or sexual themes will not appear as recommendations. However, users can still search for labeled content or find it directly on a creator’s channel. It is worth noting that mature-rated games are treated separately and are not subject to the same limitations.

Twitch’s recent update to its approach to sexual content marks a significant shift in its moderation policies. While the company has faced criticism in the past for its handling of such material, it now aims to provide more clarity and consistency through the use of Content Classification Labels. By allowing certain previously banned content, Twitch aims to address the concerns of streamers while still maintaining strict prohibitions against sex games, sexual violence, and pornography. With these changes, Twitch hopes to strike a balance between freedom of expression and ensuring a safe and welcoming environment for its users.


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