Astro Bot is back with a bang, promising “over 150” cameos from beloved PlayStation characters in its upcoming game release. The lovable platforming mascot has already captured the hearts of gamers with its previous installment, Astro’s Playroom, which showcased the potential of the PS5 and paid tribute to gaming history. Now, with a staggering amount of Easter Eggs and guest appearances, Astro Bot is set to take players on a journey through 30 years of PlayStation nostalgia.

The store page for the new game reveals that players will encounter “over 150 iconic VIP Bots inspired by legendary characters from 30 years of PlayStation history.” This means that fan-favorite characters like Nathan Drake from Uncharted, Lara Croft from Tomb Raider, and Crash Bandicoot will make appearances alongside other iconic figures from the PlayStation pantheon. The sheer number of cameos promises a diverse and exciting gaming experience that will delight players of all ages.

While the trailer for Astro Bot’s latest adventure showcases an impressive lineup of guest heroes across various planets and galaxies, one notable absence has stirred up conversations among fans – the Bloodborne Hunter. The lack of this iconic character, who previously made an appearance in Astro’s Playroom, has sparked speculation about the possibility of a Bloodborne reference in the new game. With the increased focus on cameos and Easter Eggs, could this be the moment that Bloodborne fans have been waiting for?

As excitement builds for the release of Astro Bot’s latest installment, some fans have expressed disappointment over the lack of compatibility with PSVR2. While the game is set to provide a fantastic gaming experience on the PS5, VR enthusiasts may feel left out of the fun. However, with the promise of over 150 cameos and a rich tapestry of gaming history to explore, Astro Bot’s new adventure is sure to captivate players regardless of their preferred gaming setup.

Astro Bot’s upcoming game is shaping up to be a celebration of PlayStation’s rich history and a love letter to gamers everywhere. With over 150 iconic VIP Bots to discover and a diverse range of guest appearances, this game promises to be a treasure trove of nostalgia and fun. As we eagerly await its release on September 6, the anticipation is high for what promises to be an unforgettable gaming experience for PlayStation fans old and new.


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