As Meta’s Threads introduced a beta feature in late March, users from the US, Canada, or Japan now have the ability to cross-post and view likes from Mastodon and other federated social networks. This new feature is opening up the world of the fediverse to Threads users in select countries.

To access the new beta feature on Threads, users from the eligible countries can do so easily either through the mobile app or the web version. On the mobile app, simply tap on your profile icon in the lower right corner, tap the two lines in the upper right corner, and select Account > Fediverse sharing. On the web version, tap the two lines in the upper right, then select Settings > the Account tab > Fediverse sharing.

Once you select Fediverse sharing, you will be guided through a series of explanatory screens that inform you about the fediverse, how sharing works, and the implications of cross-posting. Meta warns users that once a post is shared on the fediverse, Threads has no control over the rules of the servers it lands on. Users should be aware that their posts can be shared by users of other servers without control from Threads.

The beta version of the feature currently does not allow users to see replies or follows from users on other servers. Meta reminds users that they have the option to turn off sharing at any time. This feature enables Threads profiles to be followed by individuals using different servers on the fediverse, with the potential for future integration to allow users to follow them from Threads.

The expansion of the fediverse through Meta’s Threads beta feature marks the potential for a more comprehensive type of social networking. As users can now connect and share with individuals across different servers, the implications of this cross-posting feature are significant. However, the success of this feature will depend on the effectiveness of cross-posting, the seamless process, and the implementation of security measures to prevent misuse by bad actors.

The beta feature introduced by Meta’s Threads has the potential to revolutionize social networking by allowing users to interact across different federated social networks. With the ability to share and view likes from Mastodon and other servers, the possibilities for cross-posting are endless. As this feature develops and expands, it is essential for Meta to ensure the security and privacy of users while promoting a seamless and user-friendly experience. The future of social networking may be shaped by the integration of the fediverse and traditional platforms, opening up new avenues for connection and communication.


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