Creating an immersive virtual reality experience is no easy feat, but for one SkyrimVR and FalloutVR streamer known as GingasVR, it seems to be a never-ending quest for the ultimate level of immersion. Spending a staggering $15,000 on their setup, they have gone above and beyond to make their virtual reality rig one of the most impressive in the streaming world.

GingasVR’s setup already included mods that improved item physics, Vive trackers for body movements, and a haptic vest for in-game sensations like eating food. However, their recent addition of a second haptic suit takes things to a whole new level. This suit is designed to convert in-game damage into real-life pain using electrodes that shock the player depending on what happens in the game. Watching GingasVR writhe on the floor as a dragon sets them on fire is a chilling reminder of just how far technology has come.

Not content with just one haptic suit, GingasVR has also added a second suit that produces vibrations for other sensations that the character may experience. Alongside this, fans have been integrated into the setup to simulate temperature changes, creating an even more realistic environment for intense battles with fiery dragons. The level of detail and innovation in GingasVR’s rig is truly astounding, pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the world of virtual reality.

While GingasVR’s setup is undeniably impressive, there is one element that slightly detracts from the overall immersion – the inclusion of an “OpenAI NPC with never-before-heard dialogue.” The unnatural and sometimes nonsensical lines from this AI character can break the spell of being fully immersed in the virtual world. However, this minor flaw does little to diminish the sheer dedication and creativity that GingasVR has poured into their streaming setup.

In an interview three years ago, GingasVR spoke about how their tech setup was a “complete revolution in the way in which we communicate with each other.” The level of interaction and immersion that GingasVR has achieved with their rig is truly groundbreaking, opening up new possibilities for how we experience and engage with virtual worlds. While some may find their approach extreme, there is no denying the impact that GingasVR is having on the world of virtual reality streaming.


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