Recently, Helldivers 2 has seen a surge of negative user reviews on its Steam page, causing its once stellar score to plummet. The reason behind this uproar can be attributed to the mandatory requirement imposed by PlayStation Studios, which necessitates all PC players to link their accounts to an active PlayStation Network account in order to continue playing the game.

This decision has not been received well by the gaming community, as many players were caught off-guard by the sudden implementation of this requirement several months after the game’s initial launch. The frustration felt by players is further exacerbated by concerns over data security and privacy issues that come with linking yet another account to a third-party platform.

Moreover, the fact that the PlayStation Network is not accessible in every region where Steam is available has led to Helldivers 2 being pulled from Steam in over 170 countries. This development has not only alienated a significant portion of the player base but has also created a rift between the development studio and the players who feel let down by these circumstances.

In response to the mounting criticism, the community manager, Spitz, clarified on Discord that the decision to require PlayStation Network account linkage was solely made by Sony and not the development team. Spitz expressed solidarity with the players and emphasized that their feedback, through reviews and refunds, would help in negotiations with Sony to possibly reconsider this mandate.

The repercussions of these recent events are evident in Helldivers 2’s rating on Steam, which has shifted from “Very Positive” to “Mixed” based on close to half a million user reviews. Within the last 30 days alone, the game has received an “Overwhelmingly Negative” rating, with a staggering number of negative reviews posted in just the past two days. Additionally, there have been reports of players requesting refunds from Steam due to these controversial changes.

The fallout from PlayStation Studios’ decision regarding Helldivers 2 has not only damaged the game’s reputation but has also shaken the trust and confidence of the player community. The response from the developers and the players themselves will play a crucial role in determining the future course of action for the game and whether it can regain its former glory in the eyes of its player base.


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