Wrestling fans rejoice as the late Bray Wyatt, known for his eerie persona as The Fiend, is set to be included in the roster of playable superstars in WWE 2K24. The announcement, made by 2K on Twitter / X, showcased The Fiend’s iconic entrance in the game, complete with his haunting severed head lantern and spine-chilling entrance music. This inclusion marks a notable return for The Fiend, who was absent in WWE 2K23 except for a version of Bray Wyatt available as downloadable content. While fans appreciated having Wyatt in the game, The Fiend, being a distinct and immensely popular character, will undoubtedly be a welcomed addition. This release brings an end to the need for player-created custom versions of The Fiend, as they often lack the quality and authenticity that an official 2K release provides. For a glimpse of The Fiend in action, check out the featured new model below.

A Testament to Bray Wyatt’s Creative Legacy

Beyond the excitement of having one of WWE’s most beloved characters back, the inclusion of The Fiend in WWE 2K24 pays tribute to the creative brilliance left behind by Bray Wyatt, who sadly passed away in late 2023. Typically, WWE 2K rosters consist of the current lineup of superstars, along with a few popular legends. Seeing Wyatt as part of this esteemed group is a testament to the impact he had on the wrestling world. Throughout his career, Wyatt constantly unveiled new layers of his wrestling persona, engaging in cinematic matches and psychological storytelling that pushed the boundaries of what professional wrestling could be. His ability to captivate audiences and immerse them in his unique brand of darkness made him stand out among his peers.

Celebrating The Fiend’s Return

Following the announcement of The Fiend’s inclusion in WWE 2K24, fans took to Twitter / X to express their joy and gratitude towards 2K. They eagerly shared their favorite moments from Bray Wyatt’s career, highlighting the lasting impression he made in the world of professional wrestling. The Fiend’s confirmed appearance in the game not only satisfies the fans’ desire for an authentic experience but also serves as a tribute to the legacy of an extraordinary performer.

WWE 2K24’s addition of The Fiend to its playable roster is cause for celebration among wrestling enthusiasts. This inclusion not only offers fans the opportunity to embody the haunting persona of Bray Wyatt’s most iconic character but also honors the creative brilliance he contributed to the industry. As players eagerly await the release of WWE 2K24, the anticipation for The Fiend’s return continues to grow, reminding us of the lasting impact left by one of wrestling’s most captivating performers.


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