In April 2016, the announcement of The First Omen sent shivers down the spines of horror film enthusiasts. Serving as a prequel to the iconic 1976 horror film, The Omen, this chilling masterpiece delves into the enigmatic origins of Damien’s birth and his mother. With a screenplay crafted by Tim Smith, Arkasha Stevenson, and Keith Thomas, it is Stevenson who makes her feature directorial debut, adding a new layer of anticipation and intrigue to this eagerly-awaited film.

The First Omen revolves around Margaret, portrayed by the talented Nell Tiger Free, an American sent to work at a church in Rome. As she immerses herself in her new surroundings, Margaret unwittingly stumbles upon a sinister conspiracy aimed at bringing forth the birth of an Antichrist. For those familiar with The Omen’s unnerving narrative, the trajectory of this prequel might already send chills down their spines.

Accompanying the introduction to The First Omen is an intriguing teaser that instantly captivates audiences. The choice of music, Fever Ray’s haunting track “If I Had A Heart,” sets the stage for the unnerving events that are about to unfold. This familiar tune, well-known to Vikings fans as the series’ theme song, provides an eerie and foreboding backdrop to Margaret’s journey. The teaser also offers a visceral glimpse into the horror to come, with a chilling shot of the 666 mark inside someone’s mouth. A nod to the original Omen, where the mark was found on Damien’s scalp, this promising preview leaves viewers craving more.

The First Omen introduces a fresh take on familiar characters while preserving the essence of the original film. Ralph Ineson steps into the shoes of the younger Father Brennan, a devoted priest determined to prevent the birth of the Antichrist. Portrayed in the original film by Patrick Troughton, Brennan’s character holds a pivotal role in the battle against evil. Alongside Ineson, The First Omen boasts a talented cast, including Sonia Braga, Bill Nighy, and Tawfeek Barhom, who promise to deliver compelling performances that will leave audiences both enthralled and disturbed.

The Omen franchise enjoys a rich history, captivating audiences across multiple iterations. While the mid-90s television remake never saw the light of day beyond its pilot, and the 2016 A&E attempt focused on an older Damien, the original Omen spawned three sequels and a 2006 remake featuring Julia Stiles and Liev Schreiber. Now, with the introduction of The First Omen, this iconic horror universe expands even further, promising to send chills down the spines of both die-hard fans and newcomers alike.

Mark your calendars for April 5, 2024, as The First Omen arrives in theaters to unleash its malevolent tale upon unsuspecting audiences. Brace yourselves for a chilling exploration of darkness, as the mysterious origins of Damien’s birth are unveiled, and a sinister conspiracy threatens to unleash an unimaginable evil upon the world. Prepare to be lured into the depths of fear and terror as The First Omen immerses you in its dark and haunting narrative.


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