Recently, the developers of EA’s upcoming Star Wars strategy game announced that their project had survived the mass layoffs at the publisher. This news came amidst the cancellation of a first-person Star Wars shooter from Respawn, the studio known for Apex Legends. The untitled Star Wars strategy game has been in development at Bit Reactor for the past couple of years. This new studio was created by former XCOM and Sid Meier’s Civilization developers from Firaxis, including ex-XCOM art director Greg Foertsch. Bit Reactor had partnered up with Respawn, who have experience with the Star Wars universe through games like Jedi: Fallen Order and Jedi: Survivor, to collaborate on this exciting new title.

EA recently announced layoffs that affected close to 700 employees, leading to the closure of single-player Battlefield studio Ridgeline and the cancellation of Respawn’s Star Wars FPS. This shift in focus away from licensed IP towards EA’s own brands raised concerns about the fate of Bit Reactor’s strategy game. However, amidst this turmoil, the developers reassured fans that their game was “unaffected” by the layoffs. Despite the challenges faced by the industry, Bit Reactor’s strong relationships with other teams at Respawn helped the team stay focused on their project.

While details about the Star Wars strategy game remain scarce, Bit Reactor has expressed their commitment to delivering a unique gaming experience. In a response to a comment, the developers hinted that a first look at the game would be shared “as soon as it’s ready.” Greg Foertsch, the art director at Bit Reactor, shared his ambitions for the game, comparing it to the impact Baldur’s Gate 3 had on the CRPG genre. He emphasized the potential of the strategy genre to innovate, telling rich stories, and provide immersive art. According to Foertsch, strategy games have not received the recognition they deserve and there is still much room for growth and improvement in the genre.

The future of EA’s Star Wars strategy game looks promising despite the challenges faced by the industry. Bit Reactor’s dedication to delivering an innovative strategy game set in the Star Wars universe is evident in their continued efforts despite the layoffs and cancellations at EA. As fans eagerly await more information about the game, it is clear that Bit Reactor is determined to make a significant impact on the strategy genre. With their experience and passion for game development, the team is poised to create an engaging and immersive gaming experience that will delight Star Wars fans and strategy game enthusiasts alike.


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