Temtem, the popular Pokémon-like online game, has recently announced the final major updates for the game. Developer Crema shared that Patch 1.7 and Patch 1.8 will mark the end of significant updates for Temtem. Patch 1.7 is set to be released in early June and will introduce a new season, a Tamer Pass, balance changes, quality of life updates, and more. On the other hand, Patch 1.8 will bring additional QoL updates, balance adjustments, a rework of the game’s economy, and various other enhancements.

One of the most significant changes announced by Crema is the removal of microtransactions from Patch 1.7. Previously purchasable items with ‘Novas’ can now be obtained with Feathers instead. Additionally, in Patch 1.8, players will have the ability to select any Tamer Pass from the past and complete its tracks using Feathers. This shift away from microtransactions aims to provide a more equitable and enjoyable experience for all players.

Despite the conclusion of major updates, Crema reassured the community that Temtem’s servers will remain online for the foreseeable future. The team emphasized that they have no intention of implementing an offline mode. In a detailed message to players, Crema expressed their pride in the game’s growth and the content it offers. While acknowledging that Temtem is not perfect, the developers stand by the enjoyable experience they have created and the lessons they have learned throughout the game’s development.

Development Journey and Achievements

Temtem initially launched on Kickstarter in 2018 and later became available on the Nintendo Switch in 2022. Over the years, the development team has introduced 165 Tems and crafted six diverse islands for players to explore. This journey highlights the dedication and creativity that have gone into shaping Temtem into the engaging and immersive game it is today.

The final major updates and removal of monetisation in Temtem mark a significant chapter in the game’s evolution. Players can look forward to continued support from the developers and ongoing opportunities to enjoy the richly crafted world of Temtem. As the game continues to thrive and grow, the community can anticipate new adventures and experiences on the horizon.


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