As outlined by Epic, their 2024 plans for the Epic Games Store signal a shift towards improving the overall player experience through various new features. Among the key improvements on the horizon are a new download manager, a proper offline mode, pre-loading of games, and an increased focus on game discovery. These developments come on the heels of a year-in-review for 2023, which revealed a mixed picture of the store’s growth and performance over the past year.

One of the most anticipated features in the pipeline is the new download manager, which promises to offer users more control over their downloads. According to the roadmap, the download manager will allow users to control the timing of updates, schedule downloads, and even reorder the download queue. Additionally, the upcoming offline mode will provide players with the ability to deliberately switch to an offline state, catering to those with limited or unstable internet connections.

In addition to the download manager and offline mode, Epic also plans to introduce new social improvements to enhance the community aspect of the platform. Furthermore, support for subscription-based games is set to be implemented, giving players more options for accessing and enjoying the titles available on the store. Dynamic bundles are also in the works, offering savings to users when purchasing bundles that include items they already own.

A look at the statistics from 2023 reveals both positives and negatives for the Epic Games Store. While the number of PC users on the platform saw a notable increase from 230 million in 2022 to over 270 million in 2023, spending on third-party PC games actually decreased by 13% from $355 million to $310 million. This decline in spending is particularly striking considering the significant increase in the number of games available on the platform, with 1300 new games released in 2023, marking an 88% rise from the previous year.

While Epic’s plans for the future of the Epic Games Store are ambitious and promising, the mixed performance of the platform in 2023 raises questions about its overall health and sustainability. As the company looks to prioritize game discovery and user experience in the coming year, it will be crucial for them to address the challenges and shortcomings highlighted by the past year’s performance data. Only time will tell if Epic can successfully navigate these hurdles and continue to grow and evolve their storefront in a competitive market.


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