The Fallout series has been in the spotlight recently, thanks to the success of the Fallout TV adaptation on Amazon Prime Video. This unexpected resurgence has led to a surge in interest among viewers, inspiring many to delve into the world of the Fallout video games to gain a deeper understanding of the franchise’s lore and history. Fallout 4, the latest installment in the main series, has seen a resurgence in popularity on gaming charts, attracting tens of thousands of players eager to experience or re-experience the post-apocalyptic adventure.

Despite the renewed interest in the Fallout series, fans eagerly anticipating the next installment, Fallout 5, will have to exercise patience. In a recent interview with Todd Howard from Bethesda Game Studios, it was confirmed that Fallout 5 is indeed in development. However, fans shouldn’t expect its release anytime soon. Howard revealed that the game won’t be launched until after the highly anticipated Elder Scrolls 6 hits the shelves. With no firm release dates for either game, it’s safe to say that Fallout 5 is still years away from becoming a reality.

Looking ahead based on the timelines of previous Bethesda releases, it’s reasonable to assume that Elder Scrolls 6 won’t be available for at least five years, as indicated by Xbox boss Phil Spencer. Following this timeline for development, it’s realistic to anticipate that Fallout 5 will likely not see the light of day until 2030 or even later. The idea of waiting over a decade for a new entry in the Fallout series is daunting, especially considering the ever-evolving landscape of the gaming industry.

Despite the lengthy wait for Fallout 5, Todd Howard has emphasized that Elder Scrolls 6 remains the primary focus for Bethesda Game Studios. He stressed the importance of avoiding setting specific release dates, acknowledging the challenges of adhering to strict timelines in game development. While Elder Scrolls 6 takes precedence, Howard also mentioned ongoing updates for Fallout 76 and Starfield, showcasing Bethesda’s commitment to supporting and evolving their existing titles.

The future of the Fallout series appears to be marked by uncertainty and prolonged anticipation. With Fallout 5 likely years away from release, fans must exercise patience and temper their expectations. While the success of the Fallout TV series and the enduring popularity of the franchise offer hope for the future, only time will tell when players will once again step into the wasteland in a new installment of the beloved series.


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