After a period of uncertainty following the release of the first Uncharted movie, Sony has finally confirmed that a sequel is in the works. The President of International Distribution at Sony, Steven O’Dell, made the announcement during a presentation at the CineEurope trade show. This news has reignited excitement among fans who have been eagerly anticipating the next installment in the franchise.

The first Uncharted film featured Tom Holland in the role of Nathan Drake, with Mark Wahlberg playing his mentor, Victor “Sully” Sullivan. Wahlberg has expressed his enthusiasm for the sequel, mentioning that Sully will be sporting his iconic mustache throughout the film. While a script for the sequel has been submitted, Wahlberg admitted that he had yet to read it. Director Ruben Fleischer has shown interest in returning for Uncharted 2, but no official confirmation has been made regarding his involvement.

One of the lingering questions surrounding the sequel is whether it will continue as a prequel to the games or transition to a contemporary storyline. Many fans are eager to see the introduction of Nate’s romantic partner, Elena Fisher, in the film. Additionally, the first Uncharted movie hinted at a larger role for Nathan’s older brother, Sam, leaving audiences curious about his potential involvement in the upcoming sequel.

While Sony has confirmed that the Uncharted sequel is moving forward, no official release date has been announced yet. With the success of the first film and the anticipation surrounding the sequel, fans are eagerly awaiting further updates on the project. As details continue to emerge, it will be interesting to see how the filmmakers approach expanding the Uncharted universe on the big screen.


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