In the recently released trailer for Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown, Ubisoft has showcased an incredible new map option that could revolutionize the Metroidvania genre. This innovative feature allows players to place “Memory Shards” on the map, essentially allowing them to take a screenshot of their current location and pin it for future reference. As you hover over these pins, you can easily view the corresponding image, making it a convenient way to annotate the map with inaccessible locations that can be revisited later when you unlock new powers.

A Surprising and Innovative Addition

According to senior gameplay programmer, Cristophe de Labrouche, the development team was initially unsure of how players would respond to this new feature. However, once players got a taste of it, they were hooked. The feature quickly gained popularity as players started placing the Memory Shards all over the game world. Senior game designer, Rémi Boutin, adds that not only did players find it helpful, but it also felt natural within the gameplay experience. He believes that this addition pushes the boundaries of the genre and hopes to see it implemented in other games as well.

A Missing Element in the Genre

As a gamer myself, I couldn’t agree more with Boutin’s sentiment. The inclusion of this map feature in The Lost Crown seems like such a logical and essential addition to the Metroidvania genre that it’s surprising it hasn’t been utilized before. While Ubisoft has previously incorporated screenshots into its larger titles as a social feature, allowing players to share their in-game photography, the use of screenshots as a navigational tool is a groundbreaking concept.

With the release of Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown on January 18, gamers across various platforms will finally have the opportunity to try out this innovative map feature for themselves. However, impatient players like me will be pleased to know that a free demo will be available to play on January 11, offering a sneak peek into the world of The Lost Crown and its groundbreaking gameplay mechanics.

While the Metroidvania genre has been around for decades, it’s exciting to see developers like Ubisoft pushing boundaries and introducing fresh ideas. The map option in The Lost Crown has the potential to change the way we navigate and strategize in games of this genre. With its simplicity and effectiveness, it is truly a game-changer that could shape the future of Metroidvania games. Let’s hope other developers take note and incorporate this ingenious feature into their own titles, enriching the gaming experience for players worldwide.


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