Recently, new images have surfaced showcasing the Google Pixel 9, 9 Pro, and 9 Pro XL side by side. This leak comes a full five months before Google’s usual October release timeframe, leaving many to wonder how and why these units are out in the world so early.

Notably, the regular 9 Pro introduces Google’s best camera technology in a more standard-sized phone. The 9 Pro XL, on the other hand, appears taller than Apple’s iPhone 15 Pro Max. The new design marks a departure from the traditional “camera bar”, raising questions about Google’s evolving visual identity. Despite these changes, the Pixel’s style remains distinct from competitors like Apple and Samsung.

The standard Pixel 9 is expected to feature a two-camera system, while the Pro model will include a third lens for telephoto and zoom capabilities. The continuous enhancements in camera technology beg the question: is Google striving to outdo itself with each passing year?

With these devices already in the wild, speculation arises regarding Google’s potential shift to an earlier release date in 2024. Could a Pixel 9 teaser be on the horizon at the upcoming Google I/O keynote? The readiness of these leaks raises anticipation for what Google has in store for its upcoming lineup.

Amidst the leaks of the Pixel 9 series, one piece seems to be missing – the Pixel Fold 2. As enthusiasts eagerly await its debut, Google’s focus remains on the imminent release of the midrange Pixel 8A, priced at $499. Despite thicker bezels and less advanced camera hardware, the Pixel 8A offers a compelling option for those seeking a budget-friendly device.

The leaks surrounding the Google Pixel 9 series offer an intriguing preview of what’s to come from Google’s hardware lineup. With significant design changes, camera enhancements, and potential shifts in release date, the Pixel 9 series could mark a notable advancement in Google’s smartphone offerings. As the tech world eagerly awaits official announcements, these leaks provide a tantalizing glimpse into the future of Google’s Pixel devices.


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