Overwatch 2 Season 10 has brought the exciting introduction of a new damage hero named Venture. This hero comes with a variety of high-damage options that work best at close range. Mastering Venture requires not only utilizing their powerful abilities but also understanding how to maneuver in and out of dangerous situations. Let’s dive deeper into how you can excel with Venture in the game.

Venture wields a drill as their primary weapon, firing short-range explosives that explode upon reaching a certain distance or upon impact with an enemy or object. This gives Venture a unique advantage in melee combat, albeit with a slightly longer animation. Additionally, Venture can burrow into the ground, becoming invulnerable, and inflict damage upon resurfacing. The hero also possesses a drill dash ability, usable both above and below ground. The ultimate ability, Tectonic Shock, fires projectiles underground in a cone shape, dealing damage to enemies in their path.

Venture’s playstyle is similar to that of Reaper, as both excel in close-range combat. To effectively play as Venture, you must constantly engage with the enemy team while having an escape plan in place. The hero’s two movement abilities, Drill Dash and Burrow, play a crucial role in navigating battles. Drill Dash propels Venture forward, causing damage upon impact, while Burrow allows them to go underground, emerging unharmed and dealing damage. It is advisable to save one ability for engaging and the other for disengaging, with Burrow being the preferred choice for exiting due to its invulnerability.

Venture’s primary fire from the Smart Excavator shoots short-distance explosives that explode upon impact. While direct hits maximize damage, the projectile’s travel time can make landing consistent shots challenging. To ensure successful explosions, aim at the feet of enemies or nearby objects like a payload. Although the explosion has a limited radius, you can still deal significant damage without requiring pinpoint accuracy.

Tectonic Shock stands out as Venture’s formidable ultimate ability, unleashing four shots that move underground in a cone shape, damaging enemies in their path. This ability can penetrate shields and objects, making it effective in various combat scenarios. Most damage and support heroes can be eliminated in two to three shots, while high-health heroes like Bastion may require all four shots. It is crucial to use Tectonic Shock when enemies are grouped and already weakened, rather than initiating a team fight with it.

Mastering Venture in Overwatch 2 Season 10 requires a strategic approach to utilizing their abilities effectively. By understanding the unique playstyle of this new damage hero and maximizing their close-range combat potential, players can elevate their gameplay and contribute significantly to their team’s success. Experiment with different tactics, practice precise aiming, and always have an exit strategy in mind to dominate the battlefield as Venture.


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