Beware Of Light, the newly announced game from indie studio Bajka Games, offers a unique twist on the city-building genre. Unlike traditional city builders, this game throws players onto a dead, desert planet with limited resources and no outside help. Players must navigate the challenges of managing manpower, distributing scarce resources, and surviving in harsh conditions.

In Beware Of Light, players are faced with unconventional methods of resource management. Instead of relying on traditional resources like water and oil, players must extract basalt from rocks to make clothes and hydrogen from the troposphere to make water. These labor-intensive processes add a layer of complexity to the game, requiring players to think creatively and strategically.

While there is no trailer available yet to showcase the gameplay, early impressions suggest that Beware Of Light features innovative gameplay elements. The spiked, plated buildings and insect-like base structures give the game a unique aesthetic, drawing comparisons to popular sci-fi franchises like Dune and Mad Max. The focus on survival against all odds and the use of “hard sci-fi” technology add depth to the gameplay, setting it apart from traditional city builders.

While traditional city builders focus on growth and expansion, Beware Of Light takes a different approach by emphasizing survival and resource management. The game offers a more sober and realistic take on the genre, with no RTS elements and a strong emphasis on the challenges of maintaining a colony in a hostile environment. Players who enjoy city builders with a twist and a focus on strategic decision-making will find Beware Of Light to be a refreshing change of pace.

Despite its departure from traditional city builder gameplay, Beware Of Light has generated curiosity and anticipation among gamers. The promise of a unique survival experience, combined with the game’s intriguing premise and innovative mechanics, has piqued the interest of players looking for a new and challenging gaming experience. As the game’s release on Steam approaches, players are eagerly awaiting more information and a trailer to see how the game’s mechanics will work in practice.

Beware Of Light offers a fresh and innovative take on the city-building genre, combining survival elements with strategic resource management. With its unique gameplay mechanics, realistic challenges, and distinctive aesthetic, the game promises to deliver a memorable gaming experience for players seeking a new kind of city-building adventure. Keep an eye out for Beware Of Light on Steam, coming soon.


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