The world of Grand Theft Auto mods is vast and diverse. From new vehicles to visual enhancements, the modding community has truly pushed the boundaries of what is possible in Rockstar Games’ iconic titles. One particular mod that has gained recent attention is the ‘Warp Eleven (Super Fast Traffic)’ mod for GTA 4. This mod, known for causing vehicles to go flying everywhere at breakneck speeds, has now been cleverly implemented into GTA 5 by a daring player.

Comedian and streamer Tom Walker has taken on the challenge of playing through GTA 4 with the ‘Warp Eleven’ mod active. The result is pure chaos, with cars zooming past at unimaginable speeds and turning even the simplest of missions into a Herculean task. Walker’s attempts to navigate the game world while avoiding instant death from rogue vehicles have led to some truly hilarious moments, showcasing both his comedic talent and gaming skills.

Inspired by Walker’s antics, Twitter user @MonkipiQuinn decided to take matters into their own hands and create a similar mod for GTA 5. The result? A game of tennis like no other, with explosions and flying cars adding an unexpected twist to the sport. @MonkipiQuinn’s modifications didn’t stop there, as they also transformed a mission involving a boat and jet ski into a sky-high adventure, demonstrating a unique and creative approach to modding.

@MonkipiQuinn reveals the inner workings of their mod, explaining that they manually adjusted the drag force of vehicles in GTA 5 to create the gravity-defying mayhem seen in their videos. This strategic tweak, combined with a fresh take on the game’s missions, resulted in a gameplay experience unlike any other. What makes this endeavor even more remarkable is the fact that @MonkipiQuinn had never played the original version of GTA 5, making their introduction to the game all the more memorable.

While @MonkipiQuinn’s mod remains a personal creation, other users have speculated on the potential for similar mods to be developed and shared within the GTA community. The mention of the Carmageddon mod as a possible alternative hints at the limitless possibilities for introducing controlled anarchy into the game world. Whether it’s speeding cars in GTA 4 or flying vehicles in GTA 5, the lure of chaos and humor continues to attract players eager to push the limits of what is possible in these virtual playgrounds.


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