Berserk fans have reason to celebrate this year, as the original 1997 anime adaptation has been released on Blu-ray. In addition to this, a new Blu-ray collection of the 2012-2013 films, entitled Berserk: The Golden Age Arc Memorial Edition, is set to launch on August 27. Fans can already preorder this collection on Amazon and Crunchyroll Store, with both retailers offering discounts on the preorder. Currently, Amazon is running a promotion where customers can save over 20% on their preorder. While Crunchyroll’s price may be slightly lower, it’s important to note that Amazon offers free shipping, making it the better deal overall. The collection will include both English and Japanese dubs, as well as extras such as textless opening and ending songs on the two-disc set.

The Golden Age arc of Berserk was an important turning point for the series. While the original 1997 anime adaptation took liberties with the source material, the Golden Age films aimed to stay true to the manga. The films combined stunning animation with CGI, resulting in a visually captivating retelling of Berserk’s first major arc. The story culminates in the infamous Eclipse sequence, which is portrayed in a truly chilling manner in the Golden Age version. Fans who have followed the series since the 1997 anime may find the Golden Age films to be a refreshing take on the material.

For those who prefer the classic 1997 anime adaptation of Berserk, there is good news. The Blu-ray release of the series is now back in stock on Amazon and Crunchyroll. Despite being released in March, the 25-episode series has consistently sold out due to high demand. Fans of the original anime can now enjoy the show in its best format, complete with its iconic visuals and memorable storyline.

While the anime adaptations of Berserk have garnered a dedicated fanbase, many believe that the manga is where the series truly shines. Kentaro Miura’s dark fantasy series has captivated readers for decades, offering a complex and immersive story that goes beyond what the anime adaptations can portray. Fans looking to delve deeper into the world of Berserk are encouraged to explore the beautifully oversized hardcover volumes of the manga, which provide a unique reading experience.

Berserk continues to have a significant impact on anime fans, whether through its classic anime adaptation, new Blu-ray releases, or the timeless appeal of the original manga. Regardless of which version fans prefer, Berserk remains a beloved and influential series in the world of anime and manga.


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