Cody Christian, known for his role as the voice of Cloud Strife in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth and Remake, reveals that the character’s most-memed and infamous line, “Not interested,” was something he diligently worked on for three months. This dedication to perfecting the delivery of a seemingly simple line speaks volumes about Christian’s commitment to truly embodying the essence of Cloud as a character.

Cloud Strife, like many traditional JRPG protagonists, starts off as a brooding and distant character, seemingly indifferent to the world around him. The line “Not interested” encapsulates this initial persona, but as Cody Christian explains, there is much more to Cloud than meets the eye. Through his portrayal, Christian unveils the layers of Cloud’s character, showcasing a complex individual who is more than just a tough exterior.

According to Christian, the journey of Cloud Strife throughout Rebirth and Remake allows players to see beyond the stoic facade and into the vulnerable core of the character. The progression of the story peels away the layers of Cloud’s personality, revealing a deeper emotional depth and a relatable vulnerability that endears him to the audience. This evolution from a seemingly cold and disheartened exterior to a more likable and relatable character adds a new dimension to Cloud’s portrayal.

While “Not interested” may seem like a throwaway line at first glance, Christian’s explanation highlights its importance as an anchor for him in portraying Cloud’s tone and mindset throughout the game. The line serves as a touchstone for Christian, guiding him through the character’s development and allowing him to tap into Cloud’s complex emotions and motivations. By delving deep into the significance of this one line, Christian showcases the depth and complexity of Cloud Strife as a character in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth and Remake.

Cody Christian’s portrayal of Cloud Strife in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth and Remake demonstrates his dedication to the character’s evolution and growth. By delving into the significance of Cloud’s most infamous line, Christian reveals the layers of complexity within the character and highlights the emotional depth that sets Cloud apart as a compelling protagonist in the world of JRPGs.


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