Surgent Studios, the developers of the popular Afrofuturist platformer Tales of Kenzera: Zau, recently made the difficult decision to lay off more than a dozen of their staff members. This announcement comes just a short time after the release of their debut video game, marking a challenging time for the studio and its employees.

The layoffs at Surgent Studios highlight the harsh realities of the games industry, where job security can be uncertain, and talented individuals are sometimes caught in the crossfire. The news of the layoffs first emerged through posts on LinkedIn from former employees, shedding light on the human impact behind corporate decisions.

Prior to Tales of Kenzera: Zau, Surgent Studios had worked on various film projects, showcasing their storytelling abilities across different mediums. The studio’s focus on narrative-driven experiences in both games and films was evident in their work, including their first foray into video game development with Zau.

Zau was introduced as a metroidvania game inspired by African Bantu cultures and personal experiences of grief, showcasing a unique and heartfelt narrative. Despite receiving positive feedback from critics and players for its story and design, some critics noted issues with the game’s platforming and combat mechanics.

Following the layoffs, Surgent Studios has yet to announce their next project or provide details about their plans for Zau’s future. Despite the challenges faced by the studio, they remain dedicated to supporting those affected by the layoffs and continuing their creative work on Zau and future projects.

The layoffs at Surgent Studios serve as a sobering reminder of the fragility of the games industry and the impact it can have on individuals and creative teams. As the studio navigates this challenging period, we can only hope for the best for those affected and anticipate their future endeavors with optimism and support.


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