The Palestinian Relief Bundle on is a charitable initiative that offers 373 items at a minimum cost of $8. Among these items, 213 are games, featuring popular titles such as Wandersong, A Short Hike, and Coffee Talk. The bundle also includes tabletop source books, comics, and soundtracks, collectively valued at $1657. However, the opportunity to acquire this vast collection for just $8 is made possible by the generosity of contributors and supporters.

Supporting a Noble Cause

By purchasing the Palestinian Relief Bundle, all proceeds go to the Palestine Children’s Relief Fund (PCRF). This non-profit organization is dedicated to providing essential resources such as food, water, and medical treatment to the community in Gaza. The funds raised through the bundle will specifically contribute to the PCRF’s “Gaza Relief And Recovery” campaign, which aims to address immediate humanitarian needs and support long-term recovery efforts in the region.

Amidst the array of items available in the bundle, notable games like A Monster’s Expedition, Extreme Meatpunks Forever, Lieve Oma, and They Bleed Pixels stand out as worthwhile experiences. However, the highlight for many is A Short Hike, a visually captivating game that promises hours of entertainment. The opportunity to support a meaningful cause while enjoying quality content makes the Palestinian Relief Bundle a compelling option for gamers and philanthropists alike.

As the bundle remains accessible for another 8 days, there is ample time for individuals to join in the collective effort towards supporting the children and families affected by conflict in Gaza. By exceeding the minimum contribution of $8, users have shown remarkable generosity, with the average donation amounting to approximately $11.52. This demonstration of goodwill exemplifies the power of gaming communities to rally behind humanitarian causes and make a meaningful impact.

The Palestinian Relief Bundle on serves as a beacon of hope and compassion, bringing together gaming enthusiasts and advocates for social justice. Through the simple act of purchasing a bundle of games, individuals are able to contribute towards vital resources for those in need. As the campaign continues to gather support and momentum, the impact of the collective contribution towards Gaza’s relief and recovery efforts cannot be understated.


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