WWE 2K24 CAWs have revolutionized the gaming experience for fans of wrestling. The ability to create your own wrestlers, known as Create-A-Wrestlers, has allowed players to expand the game’s roster with their favorite names from the past and present. This feature has become extremely popular among fans who are looking to add missing wrestlers, such as Naomi, Andrade, and Kiana James, to their collection.

One of the standout creations in the WWE 2K24 CAWs guide is The Authors of Pain, who made a triumphant return to WWE in December 2023 after a three-year absence. ByecawzZ’s excellent creations of Akam and Rezar, complete with two outfits each, have impressed fans and added depth to the game’s roster. Another notable addition is Andrade, who made a surprise return to WWE in January 2024, making him a must-have CAW for players.

While WWE 2K24 introduced several exciting new characters, there were still some notable omissions from the roster. The absence of British bruiser William Regal’s son, Charlie Dempsey, was disappointing for fans, but MandoYo76’s doppelgänger CAW helps fill that gap. Additionally, the exclusion of Santos Escobar’s Legado del Fantasma stable was surprising, but BrandonRbr’s CAW of Zelina Vega provides an opportunity to recreate the iconic faction.

One of the most downloaded CAWs in WWE 2K24 is the Dean Ambrose CAW by kamok, reflecting the enduring popularity of the former Shield member. Similarly, the inclusion of the Texas Tornado, courtesy of HonchosLegends, allows fans to relive classic wrestling moments. The creation of Naomi by RecluzexTM captures her neon-tastic comeback, providing players with a highly anticipated addition to the game.

As the popularity of WWE 2K24 CAWs continues to grow, players can expect even more exciting creations in the future. With talented creators like Bhangra22man, notzaddik, and MyNamesDEADMAN contributing to the community, the possibilities for expanding the game’s roster are endless. The inclusion of wrestlers like Oba Femi and Mercedes Mone showcases the diversity and creativity of the CAW community.

WWE 2K24 CAWs have had a significant impact on the gaming world, allowing players to customize their experience and create unique rosters filled with their favorite wrestlers. The dedication and talent of CAW creators have enhanced the overall gameplay experience, making WWE 2K24 one of the most immersive wrestling games to date. With the continued support and creativity of the community, the future of WWE 2K24 CAWs looks bright and promising for fans of wrestling games.


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