In the game Unicorn Overlord, your Liberation Army’s renown rank plays a crucial role in your success. Increasing your renown rank is essential, especially in the early stages of the game, as it allows you to enhance your units and upgrade them to more advanced classes. There are various ways to earn renown in the game, which fills a meter and moves you up the ranks.

One of the main ways to earn renown in Unicorn Overlord is by completing missions and quests. After finishing each mission, you are scored based on factors like completion time, units defeated, and objectives completed. Your current renown rank also influences the score multiplier. This score determines the amount of gold, renown, and honors you receive, with higher scores resulting in greater rewards. To increase your renown earnings, you can focus on defeating more enemies, completing additional objectives, and finishing missions quickly.

Rebuilding Towns

Another way to earn renown in Unicorn Overlord is by rebuilding towns scattered throughout the game. Most towns must be liberated by completing nearby missions before you can undertake deliveries. Each town offers one to three deliveries, and completing a full set earns you a star, indicating a successful rebuild and granting renown. Towns can have between one to three stars, and you can continue to complete deliveries for additional rewards even after maxing out the stars.

Raising your renown rank in Unicorn Overlord unlocks several benefits for your Liberation Army. It increases your mission score multiplier, leading to higher reward payouts. Additionally, achieving a higher renown rank enables you to access new benefits at forts. One significant advantage is the ability to increase the number of characters in each unit, from three to six as you progress through the ranks. At renown rank B, you gain the ability to upgrade characters to more advanced classes. While these upgrades require honors, having larger units with advanced classes significantly boosts your chances of success in battles, particularly in the early stages of the game.

By focusing on increasing your renown rank through completing missions, quests, and rebuilding towns, you can enhance your gameplay experience in Unicorn Overlord and lead your Liberation Army to victory.


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