When discussing the potential for a Baldur’s Gate 4, Larian Studios’ narrative director emphasizes the importance of creating the game out of passion rather than financial gain. This sentiment is echoed by the lead writer of Baldur’s Gate 3, Adam Smith, who believes that any future developer should approach the sequel with a genuine desire to continue the story and world of Baldur’s Gate, rather than simply as a means to make money.

Smith is clear in his assertion that the driving force behind Baldur’s Gate 4 should be a love for the franchise and a desire to expand upon the rich lore and characters that have been established in previous installments. He emphasizes that the game should not be created with the sole intention of increasing profits or meeting financial targets, but rather as a labor of love and a creative endeavor.

One of the key points made by Smith is the importance of prioritizing quality over quantity when it comes to developing Baldur’s Gate 4. He cites Larian Studios’ approach to Baldur’s Gate 3 as a prime example of how a developer can stay true to the essence of the series while also pushing the boundaries of storytelling and gameplay.

Smith highlights the fact that Larian Studios refused to compromise on quality in order to meet financial goals, and instead focused on creating a game that was both engaging and thematically in line with the Baldur’s Gate universe. This dedication to excellence is something that Smith hopes to see continued in any future installments of the franchise.

Another crucial aspect of creating Baldur’s Gate 4, according to Smith, is the importance of crafting a meaningful and impactful story that resonates with players. He points to the success of Baldur’s Gate 3 in exploring themes of legacy, inheritance, and inner struggle, and emphasizes the need for any potential sequel to build upon these narrative foundations.

Smith expresses his desire for the developers of Baldur’s Gate 4 to approach the game with a clear vision and a genuine passion for the story they want to tell. He believes that the game should stem from a place of creativity and inspiration, rather than mere financial considerations, in order to truly do justice to the legacy of the Baldur’s Gate franchise.

As fans eagerly await news of a potential Baldur’s Gate 4, it is clear that the success of the game will hinge on the passion and creativity of its developers. By staying true to the core themes and values of the series, while also pushing the boundaries of storytelling and gameplay, the next installment of Baldur’s Gate has the potential to be a truly exceptional RPG experience.

In the meantime, Larian Studios is gearing up for the release of two ambitious RPGs, offering fans a glimpse of what the future might hold for the beloved franchise. As we wait to see if Smith’s hopes for Baldur’s Gate 4 will come to fruition, one thing remains clear – a true passion for the game is essential in creating a worthy successor to the legendary Baldur’s Gate series.


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