The vampire survival game V Rising has been in early access for a considerable amount of time, giving players the opportunity to experience the game before its full release. However, developers Stunlock recently announced that the price of the game will be permanently raised from $19.99 to $34.99 on April 5th. The justification behind this decision is the amount of content and development that has been put into the game over the past two years.

While the developers claim that the price increase reflects the full value of the game after years of development and significant progress, some players may question whether the price hike is justified. V Rising has received positive feedback during its early access phase, with players praising its crafting, survival, and exploration mechanics. The game has also seen updates and improvements, such as reworked magic, new areas, and additions to the bestiary.

Version 1.0 of V Rising is scheduled for release on May 5th and promises even more improvements. The update will include tweaks to endgame PvP, changes to armor and gear for better class specialization, and enhancements to visuals and performance. Stunlock has assured players that the development of the game will continue beyond the 1.0 release, with plans for new features and additions as long as the game remains popular.

Despite the increase in price, Stunlock is confident that players will still find V Rising to be worth the investment. With additional content already available and more planned for the 1.0 release – including a Castlevania crossover – players can expect to get their money’s worth. However, players who purchase the game before April 5th will still be able to do so at the original price, offering them a more affordable option.

The price increase for V Rising may be a cause for concern for some players, especially those who have yet to purchase the game. While the developers have cited the amount of content and development as justification for the increase, players may still question whether the game offers enough value to warrant the higher price tag. Ultimately, the decision to purchase V Rising at its new price point will depend on individual preferences and priorities.


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