Have you ever wondered what truly goes on beneath the surface of your computer processor? While many university degrees aim to shed light on this topic, there is a more accessible alternative for those who are curious. Instead of enrolling in a lengthy program, you can simply delve into the world of Evilmonkeyzdesignz on TikTok. This channel specializes in dissecting computer chips and systems, offering viewers a close-up view of the inner workings.

Evilmonkeyzdesignz primarily focuses on dismantling older chips, allowing viewers to witness the intricate components within them. By examining chips like the Intel 4004, the first modern microprocessor, they provide detailed insights into each block and zoom in to showcase the fine details. Contrasting the 10 micron lithographic process of the Intel 4004 with the 10 nanometre process of a modern Intel Core i9 14900K highlights the drastic technological advancements in the field. Today’s processors feature transistors that are 10,000 times smaller than those in the 4004, showcasing the evolution of chip design over the years.

Unveiling Hidden Secrets on Computer Chips

In addition to dissecting processors, Evilmonkeyzdesignz explores the whimsical side of computer chips by revealing hidden doodles and designs etched onto the silicon. From a dinosaur wearing VR glasses to a crude drawing of a famous video game character, these doodles offer a glimpse of creativity within the technical realm. While these drawings may seem large in comparison to the components of a chip, they are virtually invisible to the naked eye and require a microscope to be fully appreciated.

One fascinating video showcases a ‘Digital Receiver’ chip from Graychip, exemplifying the intricate details present in a single component of a device. This chip, designed in 1990, serves as a testament to the complexity and precision required in chip manufacturing. Today, the trend is moving towards cramming more functions into a single system-on-chip, expanding the capabilities of modern devices. However, there is still a significant market for smaller controllers, memory modules, ASICs, and FPGAs, each serving a specific purpose and adding to the overall complexity of electronic devices.

Embracing the Marvels of Chip Technology

What sets channels like Evilmonkeyzdesignz apart is their ability to showcase the intricate details of processors and sensors that ultimately contribute to the robust performance of modern devices. By examining the building blocks of processors, viewers gain a deeper appreciation for the technology that powers their everyday gadgets. Whether exploring the first microprocessors or billion-transistor chips of today, these channels provide a fascinating glimpse into the evolution of chip design.

Delving into the world of computer chips and processors through platforms like Evilmonkeyzdesignz offers a unique perspective on the inner workings of technology. By unraveling the mysteries of chip design and manufacturing, viewers can gain a newfound appreciation for the complexity and precision involved in creating the devices we rely on daily. So, next time you power up your computer or smartphone, take a moment to reflect on the intricate technology hidden beneath the surface.


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