Instruments Of Destruction is a game that doesn’t waste time with unnecessary explanations. It throws you right into the action of demolishing buildings with powerful machinery without any preamble. The game’s launch trailer sets the tone perfectly, with a voiceover that humorously asks, “Do I really need to explain why?” The answer is no, you really don’t.

The mastermind behind Instruments Of Destruction is Luke Schneider, known for his work on Red Faction: Guerilla. In this smashing simulator, players are given access to a variety of prototype vehicles, each more devastating than the last. From wrecking balls to missile-launching mechs, the game offers a range of impossible machines for players to wreak havoc with.

The game features around 50 missions, each set on an island where the primary goal is to destroy buildings. There are also optional objectives, such as avoiding destroying specific structures or launching objects into the sea. Hidden bonus objectives, high score tables, and the option to create custom vehicles add depth to the gameplay experience.

While Instruments Of Destruction provides breezy fun in short bursts, it may not be a game that players will marathon until completion. Instead, it lends itself well to being installed for occasional sessions of building destruction. The promise of diverse objectives and the ability to experiment with vehicle construction keeps players coming back for more.

Instruments Of Destruction is available on Steam for a modest price. At £13.16/€14.27/$17, it offers a satisfying experience for fans of destruction and mayhem. Whether you’re in the mood for some mindless demolition or want to challenge yourself with hidden goals, this game has something for everyone. So, why wait? Grab your wrecking ball and get ready to unleash chaos in Instruments Of Destruction.


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