The upcoming game, Metaphor: ReFantazio, is making headlines for its decision to exclude romance options for players. In a recent Q&A livestream, it was revealed that despite the player’s ability to establish bonds with certain characters, these relationships will not lead to any romantic scenes. This departure from the norm is due to the game’s unique bond level system, which differs significantly from previous games developed by Atlus.

Fans of the Persona series, known for its intricate relationship mechanics, may be surprised by the lack of romance options in Metaphor: ReFantazio. Unlike Persona games, where players could engage in romantic relationships with companions, this new RPG takes a different approach. The absence of romance options is a bold choice by Studio Zero, the developers behind the game, who are known for their work on Catherine: Full Body.

While players may be disappointed by the lack of romance, there are still exciting gameplay features to look forward to in Metaphor: ReFantazio. One such feature is the Archetype system, which allows players to unlock new combat classes by increasing their bond level with characters. This innovative system enhances the gameplay experience by granting players the ability to equip different Archetype classes to their party members during battles.

Director Katsura Hashino, who has led the Persona series for over a decade, brings his expertise to Metaphor: ReFantazio. Despite the absence of romance options, Hashino’s vision for the game focuses on creating meaningful bonds between players and characters. By emphasizing the bond level system and the Archetype mechanic, Hashino aims to deliver a unique and engaging gameplay experience for fans of the RPG genre.

While the lack of romance options in Metaphor: ReFantazio may come as a surprise to some players, the game offers a fresh take on relationship mechanics in RPGs. By prioritizing gameplay innovation and dynamic character bonds, Studio Zero is set to deliver a memorable gaming experience when the game launches on October 11.


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