Recent reports suggest that The Last of Us Part II will eventually make its way to PC, following the path of its predecessor. According to a leak from Dealabs’ Billbil-kun, development on the PC port of the game was supposedly completed as early as November of last year. However, despite this, fans may have to wait until 2025 for the official release date.

The first installment of The Last of Us series made its way to PC in March of last year, six months after its remastered re-release on PS5. The remaster included improvements in gameplay elements, visuals, and the addition of new modes. While it is unclear whether the PC version of The Last of Us Part II will be based on the remastered edition, it seems highly likely given the pattern of previous releases.

The delay in the PC release of The Last of Us Part II might be attributed to giving the console version some breathing room. Despite reports of development being completed, the game’s PC launch might coincide with the release of the second season of the live-action HBO adaptation of the series. This delay could be strategic to align with the adaptation of the sequel’s intense storyline.

While there has been no official statement from Sony regarding the PC release of The Last of Us Part II, speculations are rife about its eventual crossover. With several PlayStation exclusives making their way to PC, it is almost certain that the highly anticipated game will follow suit. When the game finally debuts on PC, players may be required to sign in with a PlayStation account to access certain features.

Fans of The Last of Us series may have to exercise patience as they await the arrival of the second installment on PC. Despite the completion of development and reports of its imminent release, the speculated delay until 2025 might disappoint eager players. Nevertheless, the prospect of experiencing the intense and emotional journey of The Last of Us Part II on PC is something to look forward to for fans of the acclaimed franchise.


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