The highly anticipated Super Mario Bros. Wonder game has taken the gaming community by storm once again, and Nintendo is leaving no stone unturned in ensuring a truly immersive experience for their loyal players. As part of this commitment, Nintendo has released a new set of iconic characters and designs in their ‘Missions and Rewards’ scheme for Switch Online members. These visually stunning icons are now available for a limited time offer until 9th January 2024.

This latest batch of Super Mario Bros. Wonder icons showcases beloved characters from the Mario universe, providing players with a diverse range of options to personalize their gaming experience. Among the newly added icons are fan favorites such as Luigi, Toadette, and the singing Piranha Plants. These visually captivating icons not only give players a chance to express their love for their favorite characters but also add an extra touch of nostalgia to their gaming journey.

Attention all Switch Online members! Nintendo has just unveiled a brand new wave of Super Mario Bros. Wonder icons, specifically designed to enhance your gaming experience. This highly anticipated first wave of icons will be available until 26th December 2023, so don’t miss out on claiming these exclusive collectibles.

In this new wave of icons, Nintendo brings to life various iconic characters from the Mario universe. From the cheerful Yellow Toad to characters with power-ups like the Wonder Flower and Nabbit, each icon carries with it a sense of adventure and excitement. Moreover, the inclusion of unique characters like a talking flower and the beloved Toadette adds a refreshing twist to the collection, allowing players to truly personalize their virtual identities.

Ever since the launch of Super Mario Bros. Wonder, Nintendo has been consistently adding new content to keep players engaged and excited. The first set of icons released under this theme took the gaming community by storm, with Mario, elephant Mario, and yellow Toad quickly becoming fan favorites. These character icons, along with accompanying backgrounds and frames, were available until 26th October, providing players with plenty of time to claim their favorites.

To get your hands on these exclusive icons, players are required to spend 10 Platinum Points for each character icon. Additionally, backgrounds and frames can be acquired for 5 Platinum Points, enabling players to create a truly personalized gaming profile. The inclusion of these icons in the ‘Missions and Rewards’ scheme not only adds value to the Switch Online service but also gives players an opportunity to showcase their dedication to the Super Mario Bros. Wonder game.

As the highly successful Super Mario Bros. Wonder game continues to captivate players around the world, Nintendo’s commitment to enhancing the gaming experience shines through. With the release of these visually stunning icons, players can fully immerse themselves in the magical world of Super Mario Bros. Wonder and embark on countless exciting adventures with their favorite characters.


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