The Meta Quest 3 has been making waves in the VR world due to its unique ability to blend the real world with virtual reality. However, one major issue that users have faced is the distortion that occurs when trying to interact with real-life objects. This has often led to frustration and a less immersive experience for users.

Another common complaint among Meta Quest 3 users is the awkward gesture required to access the menu by looking at your palm and pinching your fingers. Many users find this gesture difficult to perform consistently, leading to a lack of usability. However, Meta has addressed this issue with the introduction of a new wrist button that allows users to summon the menu with ease. This update not only improves usability but also enhances the overall user experience.

In addition to the improvements in hand tracking and real-world integration, Meta has introduced background audio support for multitasking. Users can now launch 2D apps such as the browser, play music, or watch videos without pausing playback when minimizing the app. This feature adds a new level of convenience and functionality to the Meta Quest 3, making it a more versatile device for users.

Along with the major updates mentioned above, Meta has also included several smaller updates in the v66 update. These updates include the ability to hide apps in your library for a cleaner view, auto-identification of objects in your real-life room for MR games and apps, and the ability to sync photos and videos to a web gallery. These updates further enhance the overall user experience and make the Meta Quest 3 a more feature-rich device.

One of the biggest complaints about the Meta Quest 3 has been its battery life and frequent updates. Users have often found that the device is dead or in need of updates when returning to it after a period of absence. However, Meta seems to be making progress in this area, with former Oculus CTO John Carmack stating that idle power drain is improving. Additionally, a new sleep mode option allows the Quest to update in the background as long as it is plugged into power, addressing one of the major pain points for users.

The latest updates to the Meta Quest 3 address many of the issues that users have faced since its launch. From improved hand tracking to enhanced real-world integration and background audio support, Meta has listened to user feedback and made significant improvements to the device. With these updates, the Meta Quest 3 continues to solidify its position as a top choice for VR enthusiasts looking for a versatile and immersive experience.


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