The Cyber Monday deals are here, and iRobot is not holding back. With a potential change of ownership on the horizon, the company has already joined the discounting game by reducing the prices on its brand-new Roomba vacuums. Whether you’re in the market for a budget-friendly option or a top-of-the-line model, iRobot has something for everyone. Let’s delve into the details of the latest Roomba vacuums on sale this Cyber Monday.

The Roomba j9 Plus is iRobot’s flagship robot vacuum and it is now available for $599, down from $899, on Amazon, Best Buy, and Wellbots. This powerful vacuum comes with a self-empty dock and all the intelligent features of the Roomba j7. With AI-powered obstacle avoidance, the j9 Plus can steer clear of common household clutter like cords, clothes, shoes, and even pet waste. Additionally, it offers higher suction power than its predecessor, the j7, along with the option of three vacuuming levels. One notable feature of the j9 Plus is the Dirt Detective, which learns the dirtiest rooms in your home and prioritizes cleaning them first.

For those looking for a vacuum with integrated mopping capabilities, the Roomba Combo j9 Plus is the perfect choice. This top-of-the-line robot vacuum is on sale for $999 ($400 off) at Amazon, Lowe’s, and Wellbots. The Combo j9 Plus is the first Roomba that can refill its own mop reservoir and empty its bin. Its redesigned self-empty/fill dock features a stylish wooden top that can double as a side table, providing both functionality and aesthetics. What sets this model apart from other mopping robots is its retractable mop, which can be lifted over its body when vacuuming carpets. The Combo j9 also introduces a new mopping feature called SmartScrub, which simulates scrubbing by moving the robot back and forth while mopping.

If you’re in search of a budget-friendly option, the Roomba Combo i5 Plus is an excellent choice. It is now available for $349, down from $549, on Amazon, Target, and Wellbots. Despite its affordability, this model still includes an auto emptying dock and room mapping features. The Combo i5 Plus comes equipped with a swappable mopping bin and a sleek, self-emptying base, making it an upgrade to iRobot’s top budget pick, the Roomba i3 Evo. However, keep in mind that this model does not have keep-out zones or the ability to lift its mop when encountering carpets, so it is best suited for hardwood floors.

For those seeking a mid-range option that combines vacuuming and mopping capabilities, the Roomba Combo j5 Plus is an excellent choice. It is currently priced at $499, down from $799.99, on Amazon, Best Buy, and Wellbots. Like the Combo i5 Plus, the j5 Plus features an auto emptying dock and swappable modules for vacuuming or mopping. However, what sets it apart is its added intelligence. With keep-out zones, no-mop zones, and AI-powered obstacle avoidance, the Combo j5 Plus ensures a hassle-free cleaning experience. Additionally, it is compatible with popular smart home platforms and voice assistants like Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple’s Siri.

This Cyber Monday, iRobot is offering incredible deals on their new Roomba vacuums. Whether you’re looking for a flagship model with advanced mapping and obstacle avoidance, a versatile option with integrated mopping features, or a budget-friendly choice with room mapping capabilities, iRobot has a Roomba for you. Don’t miss out on these fantastic deals and make your everyday cleaning tasks easier and more efficient with the latest Roomba vacuums.


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