Konami and WayForward have recently revealed that a new update is in the works for Contra: Operation Galuga on the Nintendo Switch. This update, which is already available on other platforms such as PS4, PS5, Xbox, and Steam, aims to address several key issues that have been affecting players’ overall experience with the game.

One of the major issues that the development team is focusing on with this update is the forced quit error, which has been causing frustration for many players. Additionally, they are looking to fix game freezes and music bugs that have been impacting gameplay. In addition to these crucial fixes, the team has also made tweaks to various stages in the game in order to enhance the overall experience for players.

The patch notes for this update have been shared on Twitter, outlining the specific changes and improvements that players can expect. Some of the key areas that have been addressed include fixing cutscenes in Stage 1, improving enemy animations and hit detection in boss battles in Stage 3, and refining the respawn position in certain areas in Stage 4.

The update also includes fixes for weapon processing, including improvements to Charge Spread, Homing Bean, Counter (Overload), and Barrage (Overload). Players can expect changes in Arcade Mode, such as weapon pod energy stocks between stages, as well as bug fixes in Challenge Mode for a smoother gaming experience.

Aside from specific gameplay changes, the update also focuses on improving the overall stability of the game. This includes fixing issues such as BGM stopping on certain difficulty stages, character hit detection while crouching, and respawn causing players to fall into terrains. The development team has also addressed other minor bug fixes to ensure a more seamless gameplay experience.

While the update is already available on other platforms, Switch players will have to wait a bit longer before they can enjoy these improvements. However, with the promise of a smoother and more polished gameplay experience, it’s worth the wait. Let’s hope that the update will arrive on the Switch soon so that players can fully enjoy what Contra: Operation Galuga has to offer.


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