In yet another blow to the games industry, Amazon Games has announced that they will be laying off 180 employees. This includes the entire Twitch service Crown Channel and its Game Growth division. The decision was made in order to refocus on Prime Gaming, the service that offers free games to Amazon Prime subscribers. While Amazon claims that this decision was made based on customer feedback, it is hard to ignore the fact that it comes at a time when the company has been reporting massive profits. This article will delve into the details of these layoffs and what they mean for the future of Amazon Games and Prime Gaming.

Launched in 2020, Crown Channel was a gaming, celebrity, and pop culture channel that aimed to engage viewers through gamified elements such as polls, Twitch chat interaction, and on-screen mini-games. However, according to Bloomberg, Amazon had significantly inflated the channel’s audience numbers. As a result, the closure of Crown Channel seems more like a strategic move to cut losses than a response to customer demands.

Similarly, the Game Growth division focused on researching and developing new ways for game creators to promote their products globally. This division’s closure raises questions about Amazon’s commitment to innovation in the gaming industry. It appears that the company is shifting its focus away from long-term projects and towards immediate profit generation.

A leaked internal email from Amazon Games VP Christoph Hartmann sheds light on the company’s motivations behind the layoffs. In the email, Hartmann states that the decision to cut over 180 roles was not taken lightly and was based on extensive evaluation and strategic planning. He emphasizes the importance of delivering great games to players both now and in the future.

However, the timing of these layoffs raises eyebrows. Despite the economic impact of the pandemic, Amazon reported a 13% increase in revenue, reaching a staggering $143.1 billion in just three months. This raises the question of whether the cuts were truly necessary or if they were simply a cost-saving measure to further boost profits.

Despite the job cuts, Hartmann remains optimistic about Amazon’s game development projects. He reassures employees that the internal studios are actively recruiting and hiring for critical roles. These projects include a new Tomb Raider game and a second attempt at a Lord of the Rings MMO. Additionally, Prime Gaming continues to secure deals and provide compelling content for its subscribers.

While the future may hold potential for Amazon Games, the company needs to address the concerns raised by these layoffs. The message it sends is that despite its lofty goals of becoming a leading developer and publisher of high-quality games, the company prioritizes short-term profitability over long-term investment and innovation.

The layoffs at Amazon Games and the focus on Prime Gaming come at a time when the games industry is already facing job losses and uncertain futures. While Amazon claims that these decisions were made to better serve their customers, the reality seems to be more about streamlining operations and maximizing profits. This raises concerns about the company’s commitment to game development and innovation in the long run. As players and industry professionals, it is important to keep a critical eye on the practices of major companies like Amazon and hold them accountable for their actions. Only through scrutiny and transparency can the industry grow and thrive.


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