Christopher Judge, the actor who inherited the iconic blades of chaos in the God Of War reboot and its direct follow-up God Of War: Ragnarok, has made it clear that he is uninterested in voice-matching the earlier renditions of the character, played by Terrence C. Carson. During a livestream event with Streamily, Judge spoke about his approach to replicating Young Kratos and revealed that one studio had actually asked him to voice match Carson. However, Judge refused, stating, “I never watched any of the scenes from the earlier [God Of Wars] because Carson’s so great. I thought it would be a disservice to try to voice match him or anything, nor did they ask for it.”

Judge emphasized that from the beginning, he wanted to make the character of Kratos his own. He expressed his belief that voice matching would be a disservice, both to Carson’s portrayal and to his own abilities as an actor. He explained, “It was about making it my own right from the get-go.” Judge firmly stood against the idea of trying to commandeer a character that someone else had already established. He commented, “We are not celebrated for what we, as individuals, bring to stuff. That’s across the board, no matter what you do. I just think it’s inherently wrong to try to commandeer something that someone else has already established.”

Judge clarified that Sony Santa Monica, the stewards of the God Of War series, had not asked him to portray Young Kratos in either game. He made it clear that his decision not to voice match was not a reflection of any lack of respect for Carson’s portrayal. In fact, he expressed great admiration for what Carson had done with the character. In a social media post, Judge wrote, “The respect for what he did as Kratos goes from top to bottom… It was another game that asked me to do a voice match.” He further specified that it was not his portrayal of Black Panther in Marvel’s Avengers.

As God Of War Ragnarok continues to captivate audiences, it recently received a new post-game mode called Valhalla. In this mode, our beloved Kratos comes face-to-face with an illusion of his younger self. This encounter adds depth to Kratos’ character and further emphasizes the significance of Judge’s decision to make the role his own.

Christopher Judge’s refusal to voice match Terrence C. Carson’s rendition of Kratos demonstrates his commitment to honoring both the character and his own unique contribution as an actor. By making Kratos his own, Judge has brought a fresh perspective to the iconic character, ensuring that his version stands proudly alongside previous iterations. As the God Of War saga continues with Ragnarok, fans eagerly anticipate the next chapter in Kratos’ journey, one that will further solidify Judge’s legacy in the role.


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