After three years since the sequel to Darkest Dungeon entered early access, fans have been eagerly waiting for one of the original game’s features to make its way into Darkest Dungeon 2: mod support. Finally, developers Red Hook Studios have announced plans to start rolling out PC modding support over a series of updates.

The delay in bringing mod support to the sequel can be attributed to the change in the game engine from Darkest Dungeon 1. Red Hook Studios mentioned that transitioning to a different engine has made modding and mod support much more complex and required a significant amount of work to enable.

To combat the challenges of implementing mod support, Red Hook Studios has decided to take a gradual approach to building up the mod framework for Darkest Dungeon 2. They plan to release some modding capabilities sooner, with a fully finished modding experience expected in the future. This staged approach will allow the team to gather feedback and determine the direction of future mod support initiatives.

The first mod update for Darkest Dungeon 2 is set to arrive before the end of June. This update will allow modders to edit the game’s .csv files and share them as downloadable mods via new Steam Workshop integration. Players will be able to create custom items, combat gear, hero palettes, and more.

Red Hook Studios has expressed their hope to eventually allow players to create custom characters in the game. They are committed to working closely with the game’s community to create the necessary tools for this feature. While it may take some time to reach this point, players can expect more information on the incoming mod updates soon.

The long-awaited mod support for Darkest Dungeon 2 is finally becoming a reality. With Red Hook Studios’ commitment to building up the mod framework gradually and working closely with the community, players can look forward to a rich modding experience in the future.


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