After the success of the Black Mirror episode USS Callister in 2017, fans have been eagerly awaiting a sequel. Creator Charlie Brooker has been teasing the possibility of a follow-up since 2018, but it has taken until now for production to finally begin. Brooker explained that it was a lengthy process to bring the sequel together, with various iterations and discussions taking place over several years. Schedules and the pandemic also contributed to delays, but now that production is underway, fans can look forward to the continuation of this intriguing story.

One exciting aspect of the sequel is that the original cast has been reunited. Brooker expressed his delight at being able to bring back the characters from USS Callister, as it is a rare luxury for him as a writer. He mentioned that writing for characters that survive beyond one episode is a new experience for Black Mirror, and he is enjoying the opportunity to further develop their stories. Seeing the cast back on set has been a fantastic experience for all involved, adding to the anticipation for the upcoming season.

While details about the sequel are still being kept under wraps, Brooker has hinted at some interesting developments. Jesse Plemons’ character, Robert Daly, may make a return despite his fate in the previous episode. Brooker also teased that the story will continue from where it left off, with new characters being introduced to expand the narrative. The sequel promises to explore the consequences of the characters’ actions in USS Callister and provide a deeper look into the world they inhabit.

Fans can expect to see Black Mirror Season 7, including the highly anticipated USS Callister sequel, premiere on Netflix in 2025. While the wait may feel long, the promise of an intriguing continuation of the story makes it worth it. As production progresses and more details are revealed, fans can begin to speculate on what twists and turns the sequel will bring. The long-awaited follow-up to USS Callister is sure to captivate audiences once again with its dark and thought-provoking storytelling.


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