The Microlino Lite, unveiled by Swiss company Micro at the Geneva Motor Show, is a microcar designed for urban living. With a top speed of 45km/h (28mph), the Lite version is slower than its standard counterpart but is still suitable for city driving. Measuring 2.5m long, 1.47m wide, and 1.5m high, the Microlino Lite is compact enough to navigate narrow city streets and can fit into tight parking spaces with ease.

Microcars like the Microlino Lite are ideal for environmentally conscious urbanites who are seeking a convenient mode of transportation. With the ability to travel up to 100km on a single charge (or up to 177km with the larger battery pack), the Lite model is both energy-efficient and cost-effective. Additionally, its lightweight design allows for minimal energy consumption compared to standard electric vehicles, making it a sustainable choice for city commutes and short trips.

The Microlino Lite is designed to be accessible to a wide range of drivers. With a moped license from the age of 14, individuals in some European countries can operate this microcar. Furthermore, the entry-model of the Microlino Lite is priced at CHF149 per month for a lease, making it an affordable option for urban dwellers. This pricing is competitive compared to other urban transportation solutions, such as e-bike subscriptions or electric microcar leases.

Despite its compact size, the Microlino Lite is equipped with practical features that enhance the driving experience. The two-seater microcar comes with a sunroof, a spacious 230-liter trunk, and options for both base and premium interior designs. The premium interior includes vegan leather seats, velour seat bench, side pockets, Bluetooth speaker, and a smartphone holder. This combination of practicality and style makes the Microlino Lite a versatile choice for urban living.

While the Microlino Lite is initially targeted at European markets, there are plans to expand its availability to other regions, including the United States. Micro spokesperson Merlin Ouboter has expressed the company’s intention to introduce the Microlino Lite as a Neighborhood Electric Vehicle (NEV) in the US by the end of 2024. Preorders for the Microlino Lite are now open, with deliveries expected to begin in early summer. The variety of color options, interior choices, and leasing plans make the Microlino Lite an attractive option for urban residents looking for a practical and stylish microcar.


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