Back in the early 2000s, Russell Crowe was at the height of his career. One of the biggest projects during that time was Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings trilogy, and Crowe had the chance to play the iconic role of Aragorn. However, Crowe recently revealed that he turned down the role, and he believes that Jackson never really wanted him for the part. Despite winning an Oscar for Gladiator, Crowe’s decision to pass on the role of Aragorn may have been a missed opportunity for him.

In a recent interview with British GQ, Crowe mentioned that he felt like the studio, not the film director, was pushing for him to play Aragorn. He recalled that when he spoke with Peter Jackson on the phone, he noticed subtle cues in the director’s voice that made him question whether Jackson truly wanted him for the role. Crowe sensed that Jackson may have already had someone else in mind, and he didn’t want to get in the way of the director’s vision for the character.

Being a fellow New Zealander, Crowe claimed that he could pick up on certain nuances in Jackson’s voice during their conversation. He felt that Jackson was not fully aware of his body of work and was not actively trying to persuade him to take on the role of Aragorn. Ultimately, Crowe decided to trust his instinct and declined the offer, paving the way for Viggo Mortensen to step into the role.

Despite missing out on the opportunity to play Aragorn, Crowe maintains that he has no regrets about his decision. He believes that everything happens for a reason, and the role ultimately went to the right actor in the end. Crowe’s choice to pass on Aragorn may have opened the door for other projects and opportunities that were better suited for him.

As Crowe reflects on his past decisions, he recently expressed apprehension towards reprising his role in Gladiator 2. The upcoming sequel to his most iconic film will hit theaters soon, but Crowe will not be a part of it due to his character’s demise in the first movie. Despite missing out on a potential return to one of his most famous roles, Crowe seems content with the path his career has taken since turning down the opportunity to play Aragorn.


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