The Invasion mode in Mortal Kombat has returned for a second season, promising more excitement and challenges for players. Season 2 of Invasions, known as the Season of Blood, revolves around Nitara, portrayed by Megan Fox, as she seeks to establish vampires as the rulers of the realms. In this article, we will delve into the world of Mortal Kombat Invasions Season 2, exploring the themed fights, unlocking cosmetics, and deciphering cryptic klues.

Unlocking Chests

Similar to Season 1, each stage in Invasions Season 2 contains fight encounter nodes that lead to chests. However, these paths are obstructed, requiring players to decipher and solve the klue associated with the encounter to proceed. These klues provide hints about what needs to be done during the fight to unlock the path. They often involve anagrams and cryptic references, challenging players to think outside the box.

A notable addition in Invasions Season 2 is the ability to increase your character’s movement speed by pressing L3. This new feature enhances the overall gameplay experience, allowing players to navigate through stages more swiftly and efficiently.

The Node: Sticks and Stones

Located towards what feels like the Eastern end of the Fire Temple, specifically to the left of a Tower, the node “Sticks and Stones” presents an obstruction to the left. The klue for this node is “Body Blender,” which refers to Kenshi’s first fatality, “Blended.” To break the obstruction, players must win the fight against Kenshi as Kenshi and execute the “Blended” fatality. The button combination for this fatality is: (While up Close: Forward, Down, Down [Triangle or Y]).

The Node: Top Killers

In the node titled “Top Killers,” players engage in a survival match against three fierce fighters from Mortal Kombat lore: Baraka, Mileena, and Sindel. The klue for this node is “Splish Splash,” indicating that players need to use Rain, the water magician. However, simply defeating the opponents is not enough. Players must utilize any of Rain’s brutalities to overcome the obstacle. Every character has a default brutality activated by finishing the match with an uppercut (Down + [Triangle or Y]), but players must hold down the [Triangle or Y] button. It is crucial to land the final blow with an uppercut before the “Finish Her” screen to activate the brutality.

Found near the start of the Sun Do Festival Stage, the node “Here We Go” features a fight with Reiko and Goro. The klue for this node is “YZARK TIHSTAB,” which when read backwards translates to “BATSHIT CRAZY.” As Nitara is the central character of Invasions Season 2 and known for her eccentricity, players must defeat Reiko and perform Nitara’s fatality, Vaternus KomBAT. This fatality involves summoning a swarm of bats using the following button combination: (While Mid-range: Down, Down, Back + [Square or X]).

The Node: Who’s Next

Encountered after emerging from a treasure portal, the node “Who’s Next” confronts players with Smoke and Jax. The klue “OMHE NRU” is an anagram, and the answer is “HOME RUN.” Although it may seem related to General Shao and his large hammer, it actually pertains to Darius Kameo and his fatality, “Armed & Dangerous.” In this fatality, Darius rips off an opponent’s arms and knocks their head off with them. Players must perform “Armed & Dangerous” on Smoke to break the barricade: (While Mid Range: Down, Back, Forward, + [R1 or RB]).

As Mortal Kombat Invasions Season 2 unfolds, players embark on a thrilling journey filled with challenging fights and the quest to decipher cryptic klues. Unlocking the chests and overcoming obstacles requires strategic thinking, mastery of fatalities, and successful execution of brutalities. Armed with this knowledge, players can dive deeper into the mysteries of Invasions Season 2 and emerge victorious. Remember to keep an eye out for further updates and newly discovered klues, adding more layers to this enigmatic adventure in the Mortal Kombat universe.


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