In the opening wilderness of Baldur’s Gate 3, there is an intriguing sight – a scuffed rock on the beach near Astarion. At first glance, it may seem insignificant, but upon passing a nature check in the nearby cave, the rock starts to emit a meaningful glow. This raises the question: What can be done with the scuffed rock? Why is it important to the average adventurer?

To begin this treasure-hunting endeavor, you must find the scuffed rock in Baldur’s Gate 3. It is situated on a small path along the beach, just south of the encounter with Astarion. As you approach the rock, the members of your party will automatically perform a passive nature check. If they succeed, the scuffed rock will be highlighted as an item of interest.

Once you have identified the scuffed rock, it’s time to make a move. Take control of a character with high strength, such as Lae’zel or Karlach, and interact with the rock. On PC, click and hold the Left Mouse Button, dragging the rock to a new location. On PS5, press square to bring up the interactions list and select “move” with a strong character.

By moving the scuffed rock to the designated spot, you will gain access to a hidden treasure chest. Inside this chest, you will discover various rewards that were stolen from the Harpers. The treasures include a Harper’s Map, leading to further riches in the Underdark of Baldur’s Gate 3, a Harper’s Notebook, a dazzling Ruby, two Potions of Speed, thirteen pieces of Gold, and an Agate.

The Benefits and Beyond

Solving the puzzle of the scuffed rock not only provides immediate rewards but also long-term advantages. The Ruby and Agate can be sold to merchants, offering a lucrative opportunity to earn some early-game money. Furthermore, the Potions of Speed can prove invaluable in challenging battles.

Moreover, reaching the Underdark later in the game presents the possibility of acquiring additional loot as indicated on the Harper’s Map. However, it is important to note that if your characters fail the passive nature check, they will be oblivious to the existence of the scuffed rock. In such cases, reloading the save or swapping out party members may help in discovering this hidden gem.

The discovery and manipulation of the scuffed rock in Baldur’s Gate 3 holds both mystery and excitement. By unraveling this enigma, adventurers can unlock hidden treasures, earn monetary rewards, and gain valuable resources to aid them on their journey through the game. So, embark on this quest, move the scuffed rock, and claim the rewards that await you.


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