Dead by Daylight has recently teased an upcoming chapter inspired by Dungeons & Dragons, introducing their next killer pulled from the pages of the fantasy pen-and-paper RPG: Vecna. This long-running mega-baddie, who has served as inspiration for the Stranger Things villain, will be making his debut in the game. Voiced by Critical Role dungeon master Matthew Mercer, Vecna will haunt a new dungeon map, offering players a unique and challenging gameplay experience.

Vecna, the D&D-inspired killer, will bring a new level of gameplay to Dead by Daylight. With the ability to fly, fire off projectiles, manipulate surroundings with Mage Hand, and reveal survivors with a Dispelling Sphere, Vecna will keep players on their toes. Additionally, players will have the chance to find Vecna’s Hand and Eye in treasure chests scattered around the new Forgotten Ruins map, providing both a challenge and a reward for those brave enough to seek them out.

Joining the game as new survivors are The Troupe, consisting of Baermar Uraz and Aestri Yazar, human and elf bard characters with unique abilities. The Troupe can create illusions, speed up generator-fixing with Bardic Inspiration, and spot nearby items and generators with Still Sight. These new survivors will bring a fresh dynamic to gameplay, offering a new way for players to outsmart the killer.

After the release of the D&D-inspired chapter in early June, Dead by Daylight developers have teased an upcoming chapter inspired by Castlevania. Set to be revealed on August 6th, this new chapter promises to introduce iconic characters and settings from the beloved franchise. In addition, a new supersized casual mode is set to launch this summer, allowing for two killers to face off against eight survivors in an intense battle of wits and skill.

Exciting Developments

During a recent live stream, Behaviour Interactive shared details about other upcoming projects, including the narrative spin-off The Casting of Frank Stone by Supermassive. They also teased an Insider Programme for a codenamed PvE game Project T and announced a new two-player co-op roguelite set in a Jumanji-like cursed board game titled What the Fog. With these exciting developments on the horizon, Dead by Daylight fans have a lot to look forward to in the coming months.

Dead by Daylight continues to innovate and excite players with new content and gameplay experiences. With Vecna’s debut on the horizon and future chapters inspired by iconic franchises, the game shows no signs of slowing down. As fans eagerly await the release of new chapters and modes, the world of Dead by Daylight remains a thrilling and ever-evolving landscape for both survivors and killers alike.


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