The rumour mill around a potential successor to the popular Nintendo Switch continues to churn, as recent reports from Reuters suggest that Nvidia, the tech giant known for its advanced graphics processing units (GPUs), is developing a new business unit dedicated to creating customized chips for hardware firms. The “exclusive” report indicates that Nvidia has already designed a bespoke chip for Nintendo’s upcoming handheld system, which is expected to be released this year.

It comes as no surprise that Nvidia has been linked to Nintendo’s next-generation console, considering their previous collaboration. The current Nintendo Switch already features Nvidia’s Tegra X1 chip, providing impressive gaming performance on a portable device. The reported custom design by Nvidia further indicates a continued partnership between the two companies. However, both Nvidia and Nintendo have declined to comment on the recent report, leaving fans eagerly awaiting official confirmation.

The upcoming Nintendo handheld system is expected to surpass its predecessor in terms of both hardware capabilities and user experience. While details remain sparse, rumours suggest that the new console may come with an innovative Nvidia custom design that enhances performance and graphics quality. This could potentially elevate the gaming experience to new heights, captivating both long-time Nintendo fans and newcomers alike.

If the reports hold true, the release of a new Nintendo handheld system with a bespoke Nvidia chip presents an exciting prospect for gamers. Building on the success of the Switch, the next-generation device is likely to feature advancements such as improved battery life, faster load times, and enhanced graphical fidelity. These enhancements could provide the perfect platform for Nintendo to showcase its iconic franchises in stunning detail, creating a gaming experience that captivates players like never before.

While the Reuters report does not provide a specific release date for the Nintendo handheld system, it adds weight to previous claims that 2022 could be the year of its arrival. Additionally, Bloomberg stated in a previous report that the console could sport an 8-inch LCD screen, further fueling anticipation for an immersive and visually stunning portable gaming experience.

As rumours continue to circulate about the next iteration of the popular Nintendo Switch, the recent report of Nvidia’s involvement and the development of a custom chip for the handheld system has sparked excitement among gamers. While official confirmation is still pending, the potential for a new Nintendo console with enhanced performance and graphics quality raises anticipation for an immersive gaming experience. Whether long-time fans or newcomers, Nintendo enthusiasts eagerly await further news and the possibility of exploring iconic franchises in a whole new light.


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