Dbrand, the renowned casemaker, recently made headlines by filing a lawsuit against a competitor for copying its groundbreaking “Teardown” skins. These skins allow users to see the inner components of their phones, laptops, or handheld gaming devices. However, this legal battle is not the only exciting news coming from Dbrand. They have now introduced a new line of skins that takes the concept of transparency to a whole new level. Unlike the previous skins, these utilize 450-kilovolt X-ray technology to reveal intricate details that cannot be captured through traditional photography with the back cover removed. This technological advancement opens up a world of possibilities for gadget enthusiasts.

Dbrand’s new X-Ray skins are not limited to a select few devices. The company has gone above and beyond by X-raying a staggering 125 different devices, including popular models such as Dell XPS, Razer Blade, Framework laptops, Microsoft Surface Pros, the Steam Deck, Nintendo Switch, Sony PS5, Xbox Series X and S, and the Lenovo Legion Go handheld. This extensive range showcases Dbrand’s commitment to providing their customers with diverse options to suit their preferences.

To achieve this breakthrough, Dbrand partnered with a renowned lab called Haven Metrology. Using a custom-built 450-kilovolt unit with a 431.8mm detector, Haven Metrology was able to capture details at an impressive 50-micron resolution. For comparison, the next best alternative stands at a significantly lower 120 microns. This means that Dbrand’s X-ray skins offer extraordinary detail in an uninterrupted scan, eliminating the need for parallax stitching. While some companies in the military defense and space exploration sectors possess similar hardware, even they turn to Haven Metrology when they require a more advanced solution. This exclusive partnership ensures that Dbrand has a unique offering in the market, as no other company has access to this level of X-ray technology for producing hardware accessories like phone cases and skins.

A Personal Testimonial

As a technology enthusiast and a fan of transparent gadgets, I was initially skeptical about Dbrand’s skins. However, the combination of the X-ray technology and the company’s reputation convinced me to give it a try. I have always preferred using my devices without any additional covers, but the allure of seeing the inner workings of my gadgets proved irresistible. Hence, I recently placed an order for an X-ray skin for my Z Flip 5, eagerly anticipating the arrival of this innovative product. I must admit, Dbrand’s ability to captivate even the most skeptical customers speaks volumes about the potential of their X-ray skins.

One of the compelling aspects of Dbrand’s X-ray skins is the inclusion of both “Dark” and “Light” versions. Customers can choose between these two options based on their personal preferences and the internal components of their devices. Depending on the complexity and design of a gadget’s internals, one version might offer a more visually appealing look than the other. This flexibility ensures that customers can find the perfect X-ray skin to match their style and showcase their device’s unique features.

The price range for Dbrand’s X-ray skins falls between $25 and $50 before taxes and shipping. While this may seem like a significant investment for a skin, it is crucial to consider the groundbreaking technology and craftsmanship involved. The meticulous process of capturing X-ray images at a 50-micron resolution, translating them into high-quality skins, and delivering them to customers worldwide comes at a cost. Moreover, true gadget enthusiasts who appreciate the fusion of aesthetics and technology will find this price point justifiable for the unparalleled experience Dbrand provides.

Dbrand’s foray into X-ray technology has unlocked an entirely new realm of possibilities for gadget enthusiasts. The ability to see beyond the exteriors of our beloved devices allows us to appreciate their intricate design and engineering on a whole new level. With an extensive range of compatible devices, cutting-edge X-ray technology, and a commitment to delivering exceptional quality, Dbrand is set to revolutionize the world of gadget skins. Whether you are a long-time supporter or a skeptic like myself, their new X-ray skins are undoubtedly worth exploring for anyone passionate about technology and its visual representation.


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