As fans eagerly await news of the next Nintendo console, former Nintendo employees Kit Ellis and Krysta Yang have shared their thoughts and predictions on what we can expect from the highly anticipated successor to the popular Switch. In a recent video highlighting their predictions for 2024, both Ellis and Yang provided insight into when the console might be announced, its possible release date, and the improvements it could offer. Let’s dive deeper into their speculations and explore the exciting future of Nintendo gaming.

Ellis and Yang both agreed that the announcement for the next Nintendo console would likely occur in the first half of 2024. Yang specifically predicted an announcement during Q1, which encompasses the months of January to March, possibly aligned with Nintendo’s new financial year starting on April 1, 2024. According to Yang, an early announcement allows Nintendo to maintain a strong relationship with its shareholders. On the other hand, Ellis shared his belief that the management at Nintendo now prioritizes the opinions and sentiments of its shareholders, a positive shift from the past.

Regarding the release date, Yang mentioned that she expects the console to be revealed in June or July, with marketing efforts ramping up in April and May. While she also anticipated potential stock constraints during the console’s launch, she expressed confidence in Nintendo resolving these issues before the crucial holiday shopping season. Ellis’s timeframe for the console release aligns more closely with Yang’s predictions, as he believes it will be available by September 1.

Both Ellis and Yang agreed that the next Nintendo console would retain the handheld form factor, similar to the Switch, but with notable improvements such as increased power. They envisioned a device that could seamlessly transition from handheld gameplay to docking into a television, offering players the flexibility and convenience they have come to love.

Another common prediction from Ellis and Yang was the inclusion of backwards compatibility. They foresaw a scenario where the new console would support older games from the Switch, ensuring that players could still enjoy their favorite titles on the latest hardware. Ellis even went a step further, suggesting the possibility of two models of the console. One model would support digital backwards compatibility through eShop purchases, while a “higher-end” version would have a physical cartridge slot for games that are exclusive to the newer console.

However, Yang disagreed with this prediction, emphasizing Nintendo’s concerns about offering too many options that could potentially confuse consumers and dilute the brand’s messaging. She argued against the idea of multiple SKUs and instead advocated for a streamlined approach focused on a single console offering.

According to Yang, the next Nintendo console is expected to launch with a price tag of around $400. This falls in line with the current pricing of the Switch and suggests that the new console will offer enhanced features and capabilities deserving of the higher price point.

When it comes to games, Ellis and Yang made an intriguing prediction that Mario Kart 9 would be a key launch title for the next Nintendo console. While the game has not been officially announced, it seems like a safe bet considering the monumental success of its predecessor, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.

Adding to the speculation, a video game analyst recently predicted that the Switch 2 would cost $400 and feature games priced at $70. This aligns with Yang’s price prediction and reflects the industry’s ongoing trend of increasing game prices.

Furthermore, reports surfaced in July suggesting that Switch 2 development kits were already in the hands of developers, further supporting the idea of a 2024 launch. Digital Foundry, a reputable source for hardware analysis, conducted investigations into the potential hardware capabilities of the Switch 2. They even built a PC that closely emulated the projected power of the new console, showcasing its ability to run demanding titles like Death Stranding at 1080p and approximately 35 frames per second.

While the official announcement of the next Nintendo console is yet to come, the insights shared by former Nintendo employees Kit Ellis and Krysta Yang offer an exciting glimpse into what we might expect. From the timing of the announcement to the console’s design, features, price, and games, their predictions provide fans with a realm of possibilities to anticipate. As the gaming community eagerly awaits further news and eventual confirmation, the future of Nintendo gaming looks promising and full of exciting advancements.


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