Months after its highly anticipated release in 2023, Payday 3 is still grappling with the aftermath of one of the worst game launches in recent memory. Developer Starbreeze has come under intense scrutiny for the game’s numerous issues, leaving players dissatisfied and frustrated. However, instead of shying away from the criticism, Starbreeze is determined to salvage the co-op FPS and transform it into the heisting experience that players expect from a Payday sequel.

In a recent Twitter thread, Starbreeze acknowledged the disappointment expressed by the player base and outlined their intentions for the future of Payday 3. The studio revealed that they have been actively gathering feedback from players since the game’s launch. To address these concerns more effectively, Starbreeze has assembled a strike team consisting of experienced developers from various departments such as design, community, communication, and production. This dedicated team is currently devising a comprehensive plan to shape Payday 3 into the heisting experience it was meant to be, both in the short and long term.

Starbreeze has promised to release a detailed plan in February, outlining the upcoming improvements for Payday 3 and providing a timeline for their implementation into the game. While the specifics of these improvements remain undisclosed, the studio’s proactive approach suggests a genuine commitment to turning things around and meeting player expectations. However, only time will tell whether Starbreeze can deliver on their promises and regain the trust of their disillusioned player base.

Seeking Player Feedback

In a joint statement from the Payday 3 team and brand director/community head Almir Listo, Starbreeze encouraged players to participate in the improvement process by suggesting and evaluating ideas on the game’s “FeatureUpvote” forum. This platform allows players to voice their opinions and suggest ways to enhance the overall gaming experience. Already, several noteworthy suggestions have gained traction, including the removal of Denuvo, the implementation of an offline mode, support for console mouse usage, additional methods for earning XP, and more detailed weapon statistics. By actively involving the community, Starbreeze hopes to establish a collaborative relationship and ensure that the future iterations of Payday 3 align with player desires.

Since its troubled launch, Payday 3 has struggled to maintain a substantial player base. According to Steam Charts, the game has consistently averaged less than 2,000 concurrent players on Steam, a major platform for the game. In comparison, its predecessor, Payday 2, still manages to hold a peak concurrent player count of 33,601. This striking difference in player engagement highlights the immense challenge Starbreeze faces in revitalizing Payday 3 and regaining the trust and loyalty of its fanbase.

The Road to Redemption

As Starbreeze works tirelessly to salvage Payday 3, the future of the franchise remains uncertain. The upcoming plan of action and the subsequent improvements will undoubtedly be crucial in determining whether the game can rise above its lackluster beginnings and deliver the heisting experience that fans have been eagerly awaiting. With the support and collaboration of the community, Starbreeze may yet be able to redeem themselves and establish Payday 3 as a worthy successor in the beloved franchise.


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