Threads, the messaging app developed by Meta, has recently introduced a new feature that allows users to opt out of having their posts shown on Instagram and Facebook. This move is aimed at addressing the concerns of users who wished for more control over the visibility of their posts on different platforms. With the ability to turn off post suggestions on Instagram or Facebook, Threads users can now curate their content and maintain privacy as per their preferences.

To enable the new privacy settings on Threads, users can tap on the two lines located in the top right corner of the app. From there, they can navigate to the Privacy section and find the options for suggesting posts on other apps. By toggling off the respective switches for Instagram or Facebook, users can ensure that their Threads posts no longer appear on these platforms. It is important to note that Meta has been slowly rolling out this feature, so if users do not see the toggles immediately, they are advised to wait for their availability.

Threads’ decision to introduce the opt-out feature comes as a response to user feedback and grumblings. In October, the app acknowledged that it was listening to feedback and promptly commenced testing on the opt-out switch that is now being rolled out. The initial purpose of this feature was to drive engagement on Threads, as the platform initially faced challenges following its impressive debut. However, the development team has managed to improve its performance, with Meta CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, proudly announcing that Threads now boasts nearly 100 million monthly users. While this figure falls short of Elon Musk’s claim of over half a billion monthly users for X, it is nevertheless a positive indicator for Threads, which is just over four months old.

Potential Expansion to the European Market

Alessandro Paluzzi, a software engineer known for uncovering unreleased features, recently posted a screenshot suggesting that Meta may be preparing to make Threads available to users in the European Union. The delayed launch in Europe was primarily due to the Digital Markets Act, which governs the handling of cross-platform data in the region. If Threads does become accessible to EU users, it would mark a significant development for the app and potentially broaden its reach to a larger audience.

As Threads continues to evolve, Meta is making efforts to address user concerns regarding post visibility on Instagram and Facebook. The introduction of the opt-out feature allows users to have greater control over their content and maintain their privacy preferences. With Meta’s commitment to listening to user feedback, it is likely that more updates and enhancements will be introduced to further improve the Threads app. The potential expansion into the European market also presents an exciting opportunity for Threads to increase its user base and reach a wider audience. As the platform continues to grow and adapt, it is important for Meta to prioritize user satisfaction and privacy to ensure the long-term success of Threads.


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