Embarking on my first playthrough of Elden Ring, I was eager to explore the mystical Lands Between and take on daunting foes. Choosing to play as a spell swordsman, my strategy involved relying heavily on long-range spells to engage in combat. However, my confidence was shattered when I encountered the notorious Banished Knight in Castle Sol. This formidable adversary effortlessly shrugged off my spells and unleashed an unrelenting assault, leaving me humbled and defeated. Little did I know that this knight would become a legend among Elden Ring players, renowned for his astounding power and relentless aggressiveness.

As I aimed to cast my long-range spell at Castle Sol’s inhabitants, fate dealt me an unexpected blow. The Banished Knight, notorious for his dual-wielding prowess, appeared impervious to my magical attacks. To add insult to injury, he swiftly teleported behind me, swiftly turning my entrails into extrails before I could comprehend what had occurred. This encounter served as a humbling reminder that not all battles in Elden Ring would be won with a single powerful spell.

The Banished Knight has gained widespread notoriety among Elden Ring players due to his sheer tenacity and formidable skills. This knight has proven to be an imposing difficulty spike within an otherwise moderate area of the game, leaving players astounded by his overpowering abilities. While I unintentionally triggered his teleportation with a long-range spell, even I did not anticipate the knight’s ability to close the distance with such speed and precision, as demonstrated by a clip shared by Reddit user oldeluke.

Of particular astonishment is the Banished Knight’s teleportation range, which appears to defy all limits. Shared footage reveals that before oldeluke could even prepare a second shot with their long-distance cannon, the knight instantly detected their presence and materialized behind them, swords drawn. This extraordinary range raises the question: what other feats of power does this enigmatic knight possess? It’s unsettling to consider what this knight is doing guarding a seemingly inconspicuous corner of Castle Sol. Perhaps it is time for him to receive a well-deserved promotion, even achieving the status of an Evergaol miniboss with his unparalleled combat skills.

Such is the challenge posed by this legendary knight that players have devised ingenious strategies to overcome his formidable presence. The fact that players have dedicated themselves to finding “cheese” strategies to defeat him is a testament to the esteem in which this random NPC is held. By exploiting the knight’s teleportation patterns, players can lure him into precarious situations, leading to his demise. For instance, by aggroing him with a ranged attack and positioning oneself near a steep drop with the back turned, the foe can be trapped in a Wile E. Coyote-worthy death, ultimately meeting a demise befitting his overbearing threat.

Amusingly, it has come to light that sniping the Banished Knight in the name of science has become a longstanding tradition among players, dating back several months. Typical of FromSoftware games, players believe they have devised a flawless countermeasure against an enemy, only to suffer a resounding defeat. This knight has been asserting his dominance since the game’s launch, demanding respect and perseverance from those who dare to challenge him. If only I had stumbled upon this clip earlier, it may have spared me the frustration of an unexpected death.

Castle Sol and its Banished Knight serve as a poignant reminder that the challenges faced in Elden Ring are relentless, even in seemingly ordinary areas. This knight’s unparalleled power, teleportation abilities, and ruthless aggression have rightfully earned him respect and notoriety among players. As I continue my journey through the Lands Between, I steel myself for future encounters with challenging adversaries. Despite the inevitable setbacks and humbling experiences, it is through overcoming these hurdles that true growth and mastery in Elden Ring is achieved.


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