Hidetaka Miyazaki, the president and director at FromSoftware, is known for his commitment to game development. Despite his titles and positions within the company, Miyazaki remains focused on what he loves most – making games. He jokingly admits that about 95% of his time is spent on creating the games themselves, rather than on the administrative responsibilities that come with his role.

FromSoftware, the Japanese game developer, was once best known for niche cult hits like Demon’s Souls, Dark Souls, and Bloodborne. However, the tide turned with the release of Elden Ring, which became a massive success, selling over 25 million copies. This open-world game not only captured the attention of gamers but also entered the mainstream pop culture conversation, thanks to its challenging gameplay and accessible world design.

Despite the newfound popularity of FromSoftware, Miyazaki has not strayed from his hands-on approach to game development. While he holds the title of president, Miyazaki prefers to work closely with his team in creating and directing games. He enjoys mentoring and nurturing younger directors within the company, guiding them towards the future. Miyazaki’s style is not suited for sitting in a management office all day; he thrives on getting his hands dirty in the creative process.

Miyazaki’s dedication to making games goes beyond simply creating them. He sees the act of game development as a way to communicate his process and knowledge to a new generation of talent. By actively participating in the creation and direction of games, Miyazaki hopes to inspire and guide the younger members of his team. Despite holding the title of president for almost a decade, Miyazaki’s focus remains on the creative aspect of game development.

Hidetaka Miyazaki’s perseverance and commitment to game development have been unwavering throughout his career. His passion for creating games, mentoring younger talent, and staying actively involved in the creative process have set him apart as a leader in the industry. Despite the immense success of FromSoftware and its games, Miyazaki remains true to his roots, focusing on what he loves most – making games.


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